• Curtis Hart

    It’s crazy that this report posted now. I’ve been looking to visit Siberut for years and just recently found and got in contact with Ismael a couple weeks ago. I don’t speak Indonesian, and was curious how well the trip we were planning would turn out, basically being done by Google translate. It looks like they offer exactly what we want. Do any of them speak English? My girlfriend knows some basic Indonesian, but does not want to be relied upon for it.



  • markspen

    Hey Curtis.

    It’s definitely possible. The guys at Uma Malinggai speak pretty good English so if there are any special requests or things you might want clarifying/ clearing up with the guys you’ll be with in the forest then you’ll be able to do it when you arrive on Siberut and stay at Uma Malinggai.

    Basic Indonesian would definitely be useful but not essential unless you are wanting in depth info about the primates. The ferry and stuff is pretty straight forward and Dami helped out when I arrived in Padang sorting the ferry and transport for the following day.

    Maybe just make sure you know the local names for the primates. (Bokoi / macaque, Joja/ langur, Bilou/ kloss’ gibbon, Simakobu/ pig-tailed snub-nosed langur)

    Let me know if there’s anything else,



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