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1. An article about the rediscovery of San Quentin kangaroo rat:

2. There is apparently unpublished evidence showing that larger coyotes in SW Louisiana are actually red wolves (I know about it from a job ad at Mammal-L listserve; there is a study planned to confirm this:

3. I’m going to Chincoteaque NWR to look for Delmarwa Fox Squirrel etc., leaving Sunday night and returning Tuesday early morning. I’ll be driving from West Orange, NJ (accessible by a short train ride from New York). Other planned stops are Pine Barrens, Cape May, and Prime Hook NWR. If you don’t mind sharing car rental, ferry and fuel costs, you are welcome to join. I think the total trip cost will be ~$200. No hotel stays unless you pay for them 🙂

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  • Vladimir Dinets

    Update: I have two possible participants for Cuban solenodon trip, leaving December 2-3 and returning December 10-11. It will be mostly in far eastern Cuba, but likely with a one-day stopover at Zapata Swamp to see bee hummingbirds, Cuban crocodiles, etc. We might make some more stopovers on the way back if we have time. The total cost (except your airfare to/from Havana) will be $2000-2500, divided by the number of participants (1-3, myself excluded).

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