Leopard (yes Leopard not Snow Leopard) at Qinghai, China

  1. Martin Royle 3 years ago

    Amazing sighting, according to https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-current-distribution-of-subspecies-of-the-leopard-Panthera-pardus-in-China-O-P_fig1_283478763 it would be Panthera pardus japonensis ( north Chinese leopard)

  2. Manul 3 years ago

    Actually the subspecies p.p.japonensis was put to the p.p.orientalis in the: “A revised taxonomy of the Felidae” in 2017.
    What would mean the north chinese leopard and the amur leopard are the same subspecies, which would still be a very rare subspecies (about 200-350 leopards left).

    We have just been very lucky to have seen one specimen in Xinlong on the 28.11.2019.

    Greetings Sophie and Manuel

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