Two bats to ID, New Guinea region

I hope somebody can help to identify these two bats. The microbat was at Nimbokrang, West New Guinea, roosing in a crack of a wooden tower in lowland rainforest. The flying fox was on a small islet off Waigeo, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, roosting alone in a lower canopy. Tentatively the first might be a Pipistrellus sp., the second Great Flying Fox Pteropus neohibernicus.

I received my copy of the bat volume of HMW, and it is a beautiful book, but useful more for identification of the more distinctive fruit bats than microbats.




  • augusto proietti

    Hi. I’m new of this blog and i’ve read your request lately.
    Probably the identification of flying fox is uncorrect. Long ears and contrasting fur colour are characteristics of Pteropus conspicillatus. The western subspecies, P.c.chrysauchen, normally don’t show bright spectacles around eyes. The microbat belongs to vespertilionidae. PErhaps a Pipistrellus species. Best Regards

  • jurekmammalwatching

    Although HMW says that the western form chrysauchen of Spectacled Flying Fox actually has more contrasting spectacles, the ear size seems distinctive. I will change it.
    In the meantime I identified the microbat as Angulate Pipistrelle Pipistrellus angulatus on the basis of e.g. broad, triangular rounded ears with largish, rounded tragus.
    All the best,

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