New Trip Report: Djibouti

Here is a new (old) report from Anita Ericson who clearly has a much better memory than I have ever had – she has – after popular demand – been able to write a report for her 2007 trip to Djibouti.

Does anyone have an opinion on the Wild Ass/Shy Donkey picture?

Djibouti, 2007: Anita Ericson, 5 days & 21 species including Beira, Speke’s Pectinator, Gerenuk and a Crested Rat.




  • Per Ole Syvertsen

    Very interesting with the sighting of a possibly genuin African wild ass! I suggest this is presented to the IUCN SSC Equid Specialist Group ( and one of the group’s co-chairs Patricia Moehlman or Sarah King for comments.

  • Charles Foley

    Great report Anita – many thanks for putting it together. I wouldn’t be able to concoct a report of that depth on things I did last year, let alone in 2007.

  • Anita Ericson

    I followed the advice of Per Ole and contacted Patricia Moehlman. Unfortunately she and her colleagues don’t believe it’s a genuine Wild Ass but a very healthy donkey running free.

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