A Checklist of the Bats of Nicaragua

If you have spent time looking at bats in Nicaragua – or elsewhere in Central America and southern Mexico – then this paper from Jose Gabriel Martinez is worth a look.  There has been quite a bit of taxonomic change in bats from the region and a lot of it is clearly explained here. You might be able to get a new species or two out of it. I did.

For instance Davy’s Naked-backed Bat, Pterontus davyi a fairly common cave dwelller, is now P. fulvus north of Nicaragua. We caught one in Mexico in January.

In fact thanks to this paper I am now at 49 new species for the year, just one short of my sacred, all consuming annual goal of 50. I will not be able to sleep until I find another split, no matter how dubious. Though I really ought to get out with a thermal scope and look for a Woodland Vole in the neighbourhood.

Here’s the paper.



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