A Checklist of the Bats of Nicaragua

If you have spent time looking at bats in Nicaragua – or elsewhere in Central America and southern Mexico – then this paper from Jose Gabriel Martinez is worth a look.  There has been quite a bit of taxonomic change in bats from the region and a lot of it is clearly explained here. You might be able to get a new species or two out of it. I did.

For instance Davy’s Naked-backed Bat, Pterontus davyi a fairly common cave dwelller, is now P. fulvus north of Nicaragua. We caught one in Mexico in January.

In fact thanks to this paper I am now at 49 new species for the year, just one short of my sacred, all consuming annual goal of 50. I will not be able to sleep until I find another split, no matter how dubious. Though I really ought to get out with a thermal scope and look for a Woodland Vole in the neighbourhood.

Here’s the paper.


  1. Venkat Sankar 2 years ago

    If you want another split, check your Peromyscus maniculatus capture records. Per Greenbaum, Honeycutt, and Chirhart 2019, P. m. in coastal CA are now P. gambelii and those of the Mexican Plateau are P. labecula. You’re welcome 🙂


    Also nice to hear about those Pteronotus splits. I got P. fulvus and psilotis at the cave in Hidalgo in my report. Now I just need P. mexicanus…

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