Aardvark in Zambia/ Zimbabwe


I am planning  tentatively  a trip to  Zambia  Zimbabwe  and  Mozambique for  October  time

Could  anyone  recommend  anywhere  to go to have a   chance of  Aardvark/ aardwolf  please?

Also  any  chance of meerkats  around here ?



  • Jon Hall

    Hi Wendy – I spent 1991 in Zambia and was, at the end of the year, a jibbering Aardvark-obsessed mess… searching for them everywhere and seeing only their holes, Their burrows are everywhere but they are very rarely seen. And I don’t really know why. A friend of mine saw one in Northern Kafue NP where they used to burn the grass in the summer making stuff like Aarvarks easier to spot. But essentially they are in every park.

    Aardwolves were rare back then. I saw one in Hwange NP in Zim on my first ever African game drive and the guide was quite excited. I had never even heard of an Aardwolf at the time and remember being disappointed it wasn’t a Hyena. Little did I know…. Sorry not to be of more help. As you might know both species are easy to find at Marick Camp near Kimberley in South Africa. Jon

    • Wendy

      A trip was planned to Marrick last April but had to be cancelled just seeing what else there is around
      Thanks again

  • chris & mathilde stuart

    Meerkat/suricate only South Africa, Namibia, Botswana. We have worked in the field in the countries you wish to visit but have never seen Aardwolf in Zambia, rarely in Zimbabwe, and largely absent from Mozambique.

  • Susan Andelt

    We have been to Zimbabwe a number of times and have not seen aardvark or aardwolves there. We have had good luck finding aardwolves in Etosha National Park in Namibia- north of Namutoni camp along the pan and also near park border south of Okaukuejo camp. I believe there is also good luck seeing both in some of the private camps outside the park on south border. Kgalagadi Transfrontier park is super for meerkats. We have seen wild dogs in Zimbabwe though and it is a beautiful country!

  • M Foster

    Hi, Wendy,

    your post caught my eye. My wife and I are currently planning a trip to South Africa for 2021 and the species you mention are also on our target list as I have never seen any of them – yet… However, I am interested to see that Jon mentions Kafue. The only person I have met who claimed to have seen one was at Kafue. As he says, holes are everywhere. They really are elusive! I have also heard good things about Marick in South Africa, but it’s by no means the only camp that claims to have them.

    I will be fascinated to know how you get on! Good luck!


  • Pictus Safaris

    Hi Wendy. As above, difficult species to spot even in prime habitat. Kafue NP does turn up a few aardvark, as does South Luangwa NP – but this is to be expected given how many vehicles are out on night drive each evening. Lower Zambezi NP is probably the best destination I know of for aardvark in Zambia, although I have never seen aardvark in Zambia at all. My best sightings have been in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Mara.

    As for aardwolf, sightings can be highly localised, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone photographing an aardwolf in Zambia. Hwange NP in Zim is probably the best bet for aardwolf in the countries you have mentioned, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the odd report came from Gonarezhou. I saw aardwolf every night for about two weeks in Mara Naboisho a few years ago, but am unsure whether it’s as reliable nowadays.

    • Wendy

      Thanks very much for the information it’s very helpful
      By the way do you have space on your tour to Gonerezho this year? For two.

  • Mike Thompson

    Hi Wendy,
    I did a trip to Marick & Madikwe in South Africa in September 2019 with Richard Webb & Wildwings. We had 60+ mammals and quite easily cleaned up on all the tricky ones ie Aaadwolf, Aadvaark, Bat-eared Fox, Brown Hyena, Black-footed Cat, Meerkat, Wild Dogs,and even had a Caracal. We dipped on Honey Badger, despite finding their burrow with its dead Leopard Tortoise “door”.

    The guiding and accommodation were brilliant.

    Good luck,

    Mike Thompson

  • Wendy

    Thanks for all of your replies and information. We had to postpone a tour to south Africa in April because of covid. We were staying at Marrick amongst others.
    We wanted to look at the possibilities further north.

  • Keith Barnes

    Hi Wendy,

    For many of your much-wanted species, I think this (at least for the first 7 days) offers the best bet of an itinerary that works well. http://www.tropicalbirding.com/africa-tours/south-africa/enigmatic-wildlife/

    But probably best persued from 2022 onwards due to covid complications. If you require any specific info please chat to me on keith@tropicalbirding.com

  • Stefanie

    We saw an aardwolf in september 2015 along the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana while staying at Senyati safari camp in Botswana. It was not a bad place for spotlighting

  • Ellen

    I have found aardvark outside of Bulawayo, on the road to Matopos. Hit up Ian at African Wanderer for a PG for that area, he knows every rhino there since birth and will find you elephant shrew.

  • Tyrone McKeith

    Hi Wendy. I live in the Kafue NP – Aardvark can be seen here but no more so than any other Zambia park with the exception of the Lower Zambezi NP – specifically the Western-end (Tusk and Mane Safaris, Old Mondoro and Anabezi) where the guides are very familiar with the Aarvark there and have multiple sightings each season. Zambian national parks allow spot-lighting night drives, which is a huge plus. Aardwolf however are only ever seen as road kill in a small area around the town of Choma. Zambia is not the place to view Aardwolf and none of the major parks have then as recorded or at least almost never seen. No Meerkat in Zambia either. Tyrone

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