Introducing the Mammalwatching Podcast

Charles Foley, world Big Mammal Day record holder; José G. Martínez-Fonseca, legendary Yapok, bat and rat catcher; and I are excited to share the first three episodes in our new podcast.
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We are interviewing mammalwatchers, biologists and conservationists and focus on the great stories that every mammalwatcher has. Half hour episodes will appear every two weeks. It goes without saying that we will not be taking ourselves too seriously.

We would love your feedback,  both praise and criticism, as well as suggestions for people we could interview. We are of course hoping that many of this site’s subscribers will agree to come on the show. Please send all your thoughts to me at

Jose Gabriel made this video trailer for the introductory episode (Oscar worthy in my opinion) for us all to share with the mammalwatching skeptics in our lives. And here are his videos for Episode 1 (Mac Hunter) and Episode 2 (Cheryl Antonucci).

More information and the first episodes are up on and can also be downloaded Itunes, Spotify and elsewhere (search for “mammalwatching” – one word)

If you want to be notified when episodes are released then please subscribe to our Youtube channel. If you are my 100th subscriber you will earn a place in mammal history.

Oh and if you are on Facebook and connected to anything mammal-related (including me) then you have probably seen way too much self promotion about this already. Sorry.

Hope you enjoy it



  • Warren Gilson

    Personally I think the podcast is a marvelous step. I’ve listened to each of the episodes a couple of times now, and it is a great way to for me to feel like I’m part of a community. So far it has been a mostly solitary pursuit – after all, I haven’t seen too many old ladies outside church describing their nocturnal backyard rambles with Zimmer frames and head torches, or youngsters swapping mammal trading cards on street corners. Not even council roadworkers relaxing in the pub after work debating the recent split of sugar gliders. So listening to happy voices reminiscing trip memories and picking up some tips along the way is both fun and comfort that I’m not entirely insane. Yet. Thanks Charles, José and Jon.

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