a new way to mount a pocket torch on a camera

The Jose Gabriel Rig for Flashlight Photography at Night jose-shot.jpg

When spotting animals at night it can be hard to hold the flashlight and hold the camera at the same time. Yapok catcher and PhD candidate Jose Gabriel Martinez Fonseca has an idea for a new way to mount a small torch parallel to a camera lens. The link to the instructions (which includes a sample sequence of Arizona shots) will be here soon …

Here is the PDF.

Charles Hood

  1. JoEllen Arnold 12 months ago

    Looking forward to the PDF!

    • samuel 12 months ago

      Me too! Sounds like it will be a very interesting post

  2. Fern Wilcox 12 months ago

    Don’t we love clever problem solvers! looking forward to it.

  3. Author
    Charles Hood 12 months ago

    Sorry for the delay, I was having tech issues. The instruction page is ready now.

  4. Andy Murch 12 months ago

    If you don’t want to put a cage around your camera, there are some more basic flashlight mounting techniques at this link: https://www.bigfishexpeditions.com/2019/02/12/how-to-photograph-nocturnal-animals/

  5. J 12 months ago

    I have made something similar years ago. But I simply attached it to the hotshoe (on top of the camera where you can slide your extra flashlight in). I made a diffuser myself too, to even the spread of light more. That heigth adjustable thingy is smart!

  6. Vladimir Dinets 12 months ago

    By the way, the flashlight Jose apparently uses, Nitecore, is really good. I’ve been using it for 4 years now. The only downside is that it uses larger batteries so you have to carry an extra charger.

  7. Author
    Charles Hood 12 months ago

    Photos are actually of my nightcore, but yes, quite good product. Paul Carter has discovered something called Ace Beam L18 that may be even brighter; I have one now, but other than annoying the dog in the backyard, I have not used it yet.

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