Mammalwatching Podcast: Vladimir Dinets

The latest episode of the mammalwatching podcast features Vladimir Dinets, naturalist extraordinaire, who you will almost certainly recognize from this website.

Charles and I chatted with him about his adventures travelling the world searching for wildlife and his famous ability to go without sleep for days at a time.

We hear about a quest to Pakistan to be the first biologist to see a Woolly Flying Squirrel in the wild; and how 48 hours inside a Mexican hollow tree is the perfect place to recover from the flu and look for black Jaguars. And he remembers his first near death encounter, when a 14 year old Vladimir had to battle a monster bear in Siberia.

Plus we hear from Howard Frederick about the animal behind his recording of the  mystery mammal in episode 18.

You can stream the full episode here, or look for “mammalwatching” wherever you get your podcasts.

Here is the YouTube trailer.

Coming up next week we talk to Brazilian mammal guide Regina Ribeiro.


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