New Podcast with Chris & Mathilde Stuart plus an exceptional Lynx encounter in Minnesota

Chris & Mathilde Stuart in the Kalahari (c) Gustav Peters

In Episode 21 of the mammalwatching podcast Charles and I interview Chris & Mathilde Stuart – renowned wildlife researchers and authors – from their farm in South Africa.

When I grow up I want to be Chris and Mathilde. They have a life many mammalwatchers can only dream of, searching and surveying for wildlife across Africa and beyond, including areas which had barely been studied before they arrived. They explain how much work is involved in writing their field guides (answer: a lot!). Chris talks about rediscovering the Arabian Tahr in the United Arab Emirates, and Mathilde explains why her willingness to fill her pockets with frogs and small mammals was key to their budding romance.

You can stream the episode here, or look for it on Apple, Spotify and other podcast places.

Health warning – if you have unsuccessfully searched for Lynxes in Minnesota you may find this report too painful to endure. Charles and Sierra Foley had a superb encounter with Lynxes a couple of weeks ago in Minnesota.

Lynx weekend, March 2022: Charles Foley, 2 days & 7 species including several Lynxes, a Southern Red-backed Vole and a Northern Flying Squirrel.


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