Mammalwatching Podcast: Terry Townsend and China’s Valley of the Cats

Pallas’s Cat by Terry Townshend

Charles Foley and I had a very enjoyable chat with Terry Townshend a few weeks back for episode 23 of the mammalwatching podcast. Terry talked from his home in Beijing about the work he has done over the past 12 years in China and some of the mammals he has encountered along the way. He describes stumbling on the Valley of the Cats, and its Snow Leopards, thanks to two students who overslept their alarm. He explains why he thinks Tibetan people are some of the happiest and wealthiest on earth. And he recalls a mesmerizing encounter with a family of Pallas’s Cats was the best birthday present ever.

Here is the YouTube trailer.

You can stream the episode and see more details on Or listen to it wherever you get your podcasts (search for “mammalwatching” one word)


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