New Trip Reports: Minnesota and California

Here are three new reports from Wise Birding Holidays.

Superior National Forest, November 2021: Wise Birding Holidays,  10 days & 11 species including Wolf, Marten and Lynx.

Superior National Forest, February 2022Wise Birding Holidays, 7 days & 9 species including Moose, Marten and a family of 4 Lynxes.

Northern California, February 2022: Wise Birding Holidays, 10 days & 21 species including BobcatsRiver Otters and Grey Whales.

Wise Birding have two spaces left on their Minnesota Lynx trip set for February 2023



  • ameet

    Great California report with wonderful Bobcat sightings.
    Not about mammals – but the report of Spring Peeper – Pseudacris crucifer in the California report seems like an error. I think this species is restricted to the Eastern part of the US.

  • Chris

    Thanks very much for your kind words on the trip report and glad you enjoyed it! Also thanks for highlighting the typo with the Spring Peeper which should of course have related to Pacific Tree Frogs! Now corrected on report.

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