New Trip Report: Snow Leopards in Chicham, Himachal Pradesh (India)

Here’s an interesting report from Simon Steiner who visited the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary in India’s Himachal Pradesh to see Snow Leopards. Sounds like an adventurous area, and Simon has some stunning photographs.

Simon’s guide Tanzin Dorje will run more Snow Leopard trips next year and details are here. As you can see from Simon’s report he has only good things to say about Tanzin’s operation.

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, 2020: Simon Steiner, 1 week or so with mammals including 5 Snow Leopards, Wolf and Blue Sheep (and fabulous photos).



  • Miles Foster

    Thanks, Simon, fascinating report and always good to hear of new opportunies to see this elusive cat!


    • 27Simpson

      Hi Miles, thanks for your words. Tanzin just told me that this year he allready saw a male and a female with two cups. If you are interested you can contact him and he will certainly send you some videos.

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