Advertising: Snow Leopards in India’s Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

Snow Leopard, Simon Steiner 2020

You might remember Simon Steiner’s report last week – Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, 2020 –  with its superb pictures of Snow Leopards and other mammals in the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

Simon’s guide Tanzin Dorje will run more Snow Leopard trips next year and details of a sample 10 night itinerary are here largely based out of a homestay in the village of Chicham.

The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, in India’s Himalayas, is 3,600–6,800 m above sea level and winter is extremely cold, temperature can go as low as -30° Celsius.

Its a great spot to see Snow Leopards. The BBC documentary ”Big Cats”, the Netflix series “Animals” and other movies were filmed in the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

Beside the big cat it has many more animals to spot like the Ibex, Bluesheep, Red Fox or even a Wolf. Also, many birds like the Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, Himalayan vulture and Snow Cocks live there. During the winter months the possibility to spot Snow Leopards is much better because their prey leaves for lower altitudes and the predator follows it. Tracks in the snow also helps to find the very well camouflages Snow Leopard.

As you can see from Simon’s report he has only good things to say about Tanzin’s operation. Many thanks to Simon for generously supporting his guide with the cost of this advert.

Snow Leopard, Simon Steiner 2020


  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    That seem like a very interesting tour and the price i really good as well as i see it. Im considering. 😀

  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    Indeed Jon. I Considered going to “Valley of the Cats” in Tibet recomended by Terry Townsend as that is a project worth supporting as well but China seem to be quite off limit at the moment.

    • 27Simpson

      Hi Lars, Valley of the cats in Tibet would be also a great destination! The Tour with Tanzin is in Himachal Pradesh wich ist just to the boder to China (Tibet), so not to far away 😉 and sightings are almost “guaranteed”. Tanzin told me that this year he allready saw a male and a female with two cups. If you are interested you can contact him and he will certainly send you some videos.

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