• Stuart Chapman

    Hi Samuel, Thanks for the report. Also looking at a winter visiting next year and wondered what guide/company you used in Arica and the Altiplano?

  • Antee

    Great report.

    Going there next year as well.

  • Samuel

    Hi Stuart
    For the Arica/Altiplano area we used BirdsChile owned by Raffaele di Biase and Teresa Montes. Our guide was Carolina Yañez and she was great, very knowledgeable of the area and very enthousiastic. We contacted also Far South Expedition recommanded by Jon but they were too expensive for a private tour with just the two of us,

  • Miles Foster

    Hi, Samuel, great report, very readable and informative. My wife, Ingrid, and I are working hard planning a trip to Patagonia and found your report very helpful. Regards, Miles.


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