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Want to Advertise or Join a Trip? Introducing the New Trip Directory Page

Finding mammalwatching  companions in a world full of birders can be hard. And so I’m really pleased to see mammalwatchers are starting to use this forum to find people – people like us who won’t let a parrot come between us and a porcupine –  to join forthcoming trips. I’d like to help make this more effective so...

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Javan Rhino Expedition 2018 – Spaces Still Available


Royle Safaris has a Javan Rhino expedition planned for 2018, we have dates and prices finalised and have bookings. There are still some spaces available if you are interested. We also have an optional extension for other endemic mammals of the island including Javan small-toothed palm civet, Javan slow...

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Pantanal Wildlife Watching Tour Trip Report from Royle Safaris


A wildlife watching holiday trip report from Royle Safaris most recent trip to the Pantanal, visiting both the north and south of the Pantanal. We saw or saw signs of 39 species of mammals including 16 jaguar sightings as well as ocelot, maned wolf, crab-eating raccoon, Brazilian tapir, giant...

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