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Mammal records of interest in Southeast Asia

Mammal records of interest in Southeast Asia

Nic Baker maintains the following online journal for records of interest for the Southeast Asia Region. Below is a copy of his intro page at  He can be contacted at Paul Carter SOUTHEAST ASIA VERTEBRATE RECORDS (SEAVR) is a short-note, peer-reviewed, online journal, launched on 1st January 2016....

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Guide to the Mammals of Beijing

 Following on from a recent request info in the Beijing area, Terry Townsend has very helpfully compiled a guide to the status of mammals there: That link contains a downloadable pdf; as Terry says, it’s a work in progress, so he’d be very grateful to receive sightings and info...

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Ecuador January 2018 (Spectacled Bear, Olinguito)


Ecuador 8th – 20th January 2018 (plus transit stop in Florida, USA, 21st January) The main target of this trip to the Andes was Spectacled Bear, plus hoped-for Olinguito and Mountain Tapir. Participants were (UK) Phil Telfer, Karen Baker, John Wright, and (USA) Charles Hood. Hood is submitting this...

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