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Hawaiian Monk Seal on Kauai

Hi everyone, My mom and my sister just sent me this picture from Poipu Beach in Kauai. I’ve never seen a Hawaiian monk seal (or any monk seal, to be honest) and as far as I know they’re not considered common, so I wasn’t sure if I should report it on here, or if it’s like reporting a sighting of […]

Taxonomy news

1. A new paper proposes novel classification of cottontails in SW USA and N Mexico. I’m attaching the distribution map from the paper. Eastern cottontails from AZ, NM and N Mexico are lumped with Manzano Mts. and Davis Mts. cottontails into a separate species. 2. Nycteris madagascariensis is not a rare Madagascar endemic, but a mislabeled N. macrotis from E […]

Echo Meter Touch 2

Has anybody used or have any comments on the Echo  Meter Touch 2 bat detector, either in the Standard or Pro model? It plugs into a smartphone. Information here:  

Notes on Manzano Mountain Cottontail

Here is a link to a PDF I wrote with new info on finding Manzano Mountain Cottontail. — Brian Keelan

article on conservation value of heat scopes

In this forum we have talked about thermal imaging monoculars, aka cheat scopes. As tools for doing wildlife surveys, they are discussed in a UK magazine called Conservation Land Management. A summary is on the NHBS website, at this link. I still am happy to have one myself, though there is zero chance I would ever tell my wife […]

Madera Canyon, Arizona (Pallid Bat Update)

I was in Madera Canyon July 2021 with Jose Gabriel Martinez. It was just two nights, one of which was lost to the most intense storm either of us had experienced. But just to verify, yes, Coati is still possible around Santa Rita Lodge during the day, Ringtail at dusk (best chance is still via unit 18), and Mexican Long-tongued […]

Iceland in August

We’re going to Iceland Aug 3-16. If you know an Icelander willing to lend us a car, we’ll pay. Rental companies are all overbooked. Also, if anyone vaccinated is interested in co-renting a minivan and sharing a ride, I’d be happy to be your driver/nature guide. We have kids ages 1 & 6, but they are little angels as long […]

RFI New England and Appalachian Cottontails and Swamp Rabbit

Looking for any recent info or tips on seeing the three rabbits listed in the title. We will be on Cape Cod this weekend for three nights. Last week of July, we are booked for three nights in Shenandoah NP, with the rest of that trip still unplanned. Can we find App Cottontail in the Park? Where else would folks […]

Good spot for Brown Bear in Tatra Mountains (Slovakia?)

Hi guys,   The possibilities for travelling are slowly increasing, but for this summer I’ve kept it rather close to home with a camping trip by car through Eastern Europe. Since I will not be travelling with a group that is specifically interested in mammals I can’t really do a targeted trip for specific mammals, however at some point we […]

Podcast Episode 6: meet the man who rediscovered the Woolly Flying Squirrel

Mammalwatching: The Podcast Listen on Apple PodcastsListen on SpotifyListen on Stithr In the new episode we interview Peter Zahler about  35 years’ work conserving wildlife in the field around the world. Some of his many achievements include his work in Pakistan where he ran a world-renowned project to save the Markhor from extinction, and rediscovered the  Woolly Flying Squirrel, a […]

New Trip Report: Ecuador, 2021

In early 2021 I published a short report from Karina and Andre Giljov, who had uncovered an apparently reliable spot for Mountain Coati in Mindo. I was gripped. So were others. This was a species I had wanted to see for a while. But after seeing their pictures – of an animal they beautifully described as resembling a Wolverine/Tayra hybrid […]

New Trip Report: Colorado

Here’s a new report from Cheryl Antonucci who just got back from Colorado and found a few “new” sites (or at least new for me) for several species. Colorado, 2021: Cheryl Antonucci, 5 days & 18 species including Wyoming and Thirten-lined Ground Squirrels, Abert’s Squirrel and Moose. Jon

Middle East trip, report 2

Here is the second part of my Middle East trip report: Libya, 2 days in November 1995 and 4 days in June 2021, 20 species including Cyrenaica vole and Cyrenaica shrew. This time I was in upland Cyrenaica, a very beautiful and mammal-rich part of the country. Highly recommended once the security situation improves a bit. Must be even better […]

Gray Fox and RFI ideas for Northeast USA?

I think this is a gray fox?   I have some days off about 2 weeks in August but I am not sure what to do as I need to stay within a few hours of home. That leaves me the option of basically anywhere in New Hamsphire, VT, or Maine. Does anyone have any thoughts on good ideas? Last […]

Middle East trip, report 1

I just spent a few days in the Middle East looking for various rodents and other (mostly small) mammals. I broke the trip report into two parts. Here is the first part: Syria, Iraq and Bahrain, June 2021, 4 days and 26 species including golden hamster and long-tailed bandicoot rat. The former was the last hamster I hadn’t seen in […]

Locations certain species of mammals wanted France, Spain and Austria

Hi people, I just started to collect some info on where to find certain species which I still miss on my list. I think I will travel from the 19th of July onwards. By train, but I can hire a car where necessary. My window to prepare properly is narrow. As a teacher I’m very busy at the end of […]

Taxonomy news

Just two lumps, but of a kind some people might find interesting: 1. Gould’s mouse (Pseudomys gouldii) isn’t extinct: it is conspecific with the (barely) extant Shark Bay mouse (Pseudomys fieldi). The latter occurs on a few predator-free islands which are very difficult to visit if I remember correctly. 2. As I’ve been saying for almost 30 years, Chinese mountain […]

Yakutia trip report

Here is my trip report from a short research trip to the new Kytalyk National Park in Siberia: June 2021, 5 days and 7 species including wolverine and Middendorf’s vole. I don’t think anybody would go there just for mammals but it’s a great birding destination so hopefully some people here will find this report useful.

Podcast Episode 5: Meet Fiona Reid, author, artist, scientist and champion bat catcher

Look for “mammalwatching” (one word) on your podcast platform or click here. Listen on Apple PodcastsListen on SpotifyListen on Stithr We interview scientist, author, artist and tour operator Fiona Reid about a lifetime catching, painting and studying some of the world’s least known mammals. Highlights include bat glamour makeover tips, how to  photograph a flying fox’s teeth and why a plane crash […]

Advertising: Now Booking – Western Sahara Trip, Feb 2022

Royle Safaris are running a Western Sahara trip from 12-19 Feb 2022 and have three spots remaining. Morocco is open again for tourism, and anyone vaccinated can enter without restrictions.  Great news if you want to see Sand Cat, Fennec Fox, African Golden Wolf, Ruppell’s Fox, African Wild Cat, Saharan Striped Polecat, Desert Hedgehog and more. More details are here. Jon

  1. […] the new site. If you don’t remember your password then request a new one when you login at and – if the password reset email doesn’t arrive – check your spam […]

  2. […] so there are many resources to help you plan your trip: visit birding web sites and the Mammal Watching blog for help. You can even book organized birding tours with expert […]

  3. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  4. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  5. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  6. PARAIRE Philippe 2 years ago

    Hello blog,
    I wish to organize a 10-day stay in Nepal in mid-February 2020 with my family (including two of my boys aged 12 and 14). I would like to visit the Chitwan National Park first and then move towards either the Bardia Park or a trek in the Langtang Valley.
    So I have several questions: on Chitwan, do you know a good guide or good lodge to organize a stay of 3/4 days accés mainly on the mammals watching?
    On Langtang, I would like to organize a trek to try to see the red panda and the Himalayan Thar. Do you know an agency or specialized guide in Nepal to offer a trek of 3 days in this zone?
    Do you know if the Red Panda is visible in the Langtang area?
    The trip will be organized around mid-February and I do not know if the valley is passable at this time?
    If this is not the case, I will move towards a 3-day stay in Bardia Park. Here again, do you know a guide or a lodge that specializes in mammals?
    I’m a little afraid that Chitwan and Bardia are quite similar in wildlife. For that I will first of all go towards the possibility of Langtang.
    I am interested in any information.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.
    Philippe Paraire

  7. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  8. Profile photo of etraveller
    etraveller 11 months ago


    New trip report for Southern Israel – Negev desert (5 days)



  9. Manuel Ruedi 6 months ago

    Dear Mammal watchers. While doing research in NW India, Himachal Pradesh (near Solan), we came across a small, greyish mouse with an elongated face. We collected it hoping to be able to ID it, but unfortunately it proved to be an immature animal so measurements were not convincing. We barcoded this mystery rodent, but no match exist in public genetic repositories…
    I recently posted on iNaturalist pictures of that mystery mouse (, but received no suggestion.
    Would you have an idea ? I am really bad with rodent ID…

  10. Duke S. Rogers 3 months ago

    Dear Jon,

    Great website! My friend Bob Dowler told me about it. I just wanted to point out an error in the species list for Mexico. In it you have an image of “Peromyscus chrysopsis”. There is a harvest mouse species (Reithrodontomys chrysopsis), so perhaps that is what you caught?

    Keep up your good work of promoting mammal conservation!

    Take care,


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