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IUCN’s Gnusletter

The gnusletter is the Antelope Specialist Group’s newsletter from the IUCN and might be of interest to some, especially Charles Foley’s account of his Abbott’s Duiker, which you will have seen here first. Whoever came up with this title at the IUCN ought to get the “Dad joke of the year” award. Love it. Though I am now in danger […]

Mammal Photographs Needed from Southern California or nearby

Brad Blood is preparing a book on the terrestrial mammals of southern California and the eastern & southern Sierra Nevada. He is looking for photographs he can use of these species, preferably from California, or somewhere close by (though this is not a hard and fast requirement). He is not taking a profit off the book, but instead is donating […]

New Trip Report: Brazil

Here’s a new report from Andreas Jonsson who is just back from an interesting trip to Alta Floresta and Rio Grande Do Sul Alta Floresta and Rio Grande Do Sul, 2022: Andreas Jonsson, 2 weeks & 28 species including Southern Tigrina, Geoffroy’s Cat, Red-handed Howler Monkey, Groves’s Titi Monkey and Emilia’s Marmoset. Jon  

Costa Rica trip report

Hi all, I’ve just uploaded a report from a fun visit to Costa Rica in March with Alex Meyer: We saw a remarkable ~72 species, with highlights including Alston’s Mouse Opossum, Central American Silky Anteater, Chiriqui Harvest Mouse, and over 45 species of bats – with Smoky Bat, Northern Ghost Bat, Thumbless Bat, and 2 Disc-winged Bat species at […]

Research article : Terrestrial mammals’ cave use in Mexico

One of the few times something new and mammal-related crosses my work desk! Camera trap research indicates that non-flying mammals use caves far more than previously expected, including carnivores such as fox, jaguar, puma and ocelot. Use of cenotes and the cave environment by mammals on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico Karl Vernes, Fred Devos First published: 31 May 2022 […]

Advertising: Bolivian Cat Tour, October 14 – 23, 2022

Royle Safaris have had a late cancellation on their trip to Bolivia to  Jaguarland and Kaa Iya National Park, where the focus is on jaguars, pumas, ocelots and jaguarundis, though of course there is a wealth of other wildlife to be seen too. October 14-23 one space available and the price is GBP £3,090 inclusive of the single supplement which […]

Join me in 2023: Trips to Bioko Island in Jan & Chad in March

I have finally decided that it might be safe to commit to some travel next year …. and so I’m looking for people to join us on small group trips to two very exciting mammal destinations. Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea Chad: Zakouma National Park and the Sahara If you’d like more information on either trip please write to me […]

New Trip Report: Turkey

And here is another Turkey report, this time from Jan Ebr who saw some reallyt interesting stuff in May: proving beyond doubt that Turkey is a destination that deserves more mammalwatching attention. Turkey, 2022: Jan Ebr, 18 days & 17+ species including Nehring’s Molerat, Trans-caucasion Mole-Vole, Woolly Dormouse and Marbled Polecat. Jon

New Trip Report: The Maldives

A short report from Martin Royle who proves you can still mammalwatch in the Maldives from a luxury resort (and while on honeymoon!) Maldives Honeymoon, 2022: Martin Royle, with 5 species including Island Flying Fox & Striped Dolphins. Jon  

New Trip Report: Ecuador

Here’s a new report from Juan Luis Ortega Herranz. Ecuador, 2022: Juan Luis Ortega Herranz, 11 days & 29 species including Spectacled Bear, Pygmy Marmoset and Mountain Coati.   Jon

Italy Mammal Watching

Hello Mammal Watchers, I am planning a vacation around Naples, Italy and want to spend a few days Mammal Watching in Abruzzo, with hopes to see a Marsican Brown Bear (would also look forother mammals including and not limited to  Wolves, Chamois, Dormice and Otters). For those of you who have been there – are guided tours necessary or of […]

Qatar micro-trip report

I just had a short stopover in Qatar. Since there are no trip reports from there yet, I wrote a short one: Qatar, June 13-14 2022, 9 species including desert long-eared bat.

New Trip Report: Southwest Turkey

Here’s a new report from Daan Drukker. Lykia & the Taurus Mountains, 2022: Daan Drukker, 9 days & 11 species including Taurus Ground Squirrel, Wild Goat and Egyptian Fruit Bat. Jon

Two and half new podcast episodes and congratulations to Jose Gabriel Martinez!

You may have missed 2.5 episodes of the podcast that I haven’t posted about.  You can stream them here or download them on various podcast platforms. In episode 25, we interviewed Tony Friend, legendary West Australian mammalogist. He talks about almost 40 years of work to save some of West Australia’s iconic and wonderfully-named mammals including species like the […]

New Trip Report: Miami, Florida

Here’s a short report from Ben Balmford covering a couple of days around Miami. Miami, 2022: Ben Balmford, 2 days & 6 species including Marsh Rabbit, Manatee and Eastern Woodrat. Jon

New Report: Sri Lanka

Here’s a short report from Jilly Hancock who was in Sri Lanka recently and had a great time. ———————————————- I travelled to Sri Lanka at the end of March a trip organised by Jonathan at Reef & Rainforest Tours and the Bird and Wildlife team in Colombo, with the brilliant guide Dulan Ranga. I am primarily a feline addict, looking […]

Reminder about the Mammalwatching Meeting 30 September – 5 October

Dear all I’m looking forward to meeting some of you in a beautiful part of Spain at the end of September. There are still places available so if you are still thinking about coming then please do! Some more information about the meeting and field trip, plus a registration form are available on the Felis website here Mammalwatching meeting | […]

Book Review: Stuarts’ Field Guide to National Parks & Game Reserves of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi

If you are old to remember mammalwatching in the 1990s you might also remember how you used to plan trips. Before the internet, before emails,  before Google translate. I honestly have no idea how I managed even to leave the house. But I do seem to remember books played an integral part in deciding where to go and how to […]

Mini Trip Report, Oregon, May 2022

Mini trip report Oregon May 2022

New Trip Report: The Philippines

Here’s a second 2020 report from Curtis Hart. Palawan, Cebu and Bohol, 2020: Curtis Hart, 4 weeks & 17 species including Philippine Colugo, Palawan Flying Squirrel and Dugong. Jon

  1. […] the new site. If you don’t remember your password then request a new one when you login at and – if the password reset email doesn’t arrive – check your spam […]

  2. […] so there are many resources to help you plan your trip: visit birding web sites and the Mammal Watching blog for help. You can even book organized birding tours with expert […]

  3. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  4. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  5. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  6. PARAIRE Philippe 3 years ago

    Hello blog,
    I wish to organize a 10-day stay in Nepal in mid-February 2020 with my family (including two of my boys aged 12 and 14). I would like to visit the Chitwan National Park first and then move towards either the Bardia Park or a trek in the Langtang Valley.
    So I have several questions: on Chitwan, do you know a good guide or good lodge to organize a stay of 3/4 days accés mainly on the mammals watching?
    On Langtang, I would like to organize a trek to try to see the red panda and the Himalayan Thar. Do you know an agency or specialized guide in Nepal to offer a trek of 3 days in this zone?
    Do you know if the Red Panda is visible in the Langtang area?
    The trip will be organized around mid-February and I do not know if the valley is passable at this time?
    If this is not the case, I will move towards a 3-day stay in Bardia Park. Here again, do you know a guide or a lodge that specializes in mammals?
    I’m a little afraid that Chitwan and Bardia are quite similar in wildlife. For that I will first of all go towards the possibility of Langtang.
    I am interested in any information.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.
    Philippe Paraire

  7. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  8. etraveller 2 years ago


    New trip report for Southern Israel – Negev desert (5 days)



  9. Manuel Ruedi 1 year ago

    Dear Mammal watchers. While doing research in NW India, Himachal Pradesh (near Solan), we came across a small, greyish mouse with an elongated face. We collected it hoping to be able to ID it, but unfortunately it proved to be an immature animal so measurements were not convincing. We barcoded this mystery rodent, but no match exist in public genetic repositories…
    I recently posted on iNaturalist pictures of that mystery mouse (, but received no suggestion.
    Would you have an idea ? I am really bad with rodent ID…

  10. Duke S. Rogers 1 year ago

    Dear Jon,

    Great website! My friend Bob Dowler told me about it. I just wanted to point out an error in the species list for Mexico. In it you have an image of “Peromyscus chrysopsis”. There is a harvest mouse species (Reithrodontomys chrysopsis), so perhaps that is what you caught?

    Keep up your good work of promoting mammal conservation!

    Take care,


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