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Traveling february, march 2022

Hello everyone, I am planning to go on a trip to Brazil this year. I know it is quite short notice but wanted try anyways. Are there any people interested in maybe travelling together for a week or so? Main targets for me are the lion tamarins. But probably will be traveling the South east of Brazil. Might try to […]

Advertising: Wild Nepal – Chitwan Jungle Safari with Royle Safaris this May

Royle Safaris are running a 10 night tour to Nepal’s Chitwan National Park from May 1 – 11th this year. You will be searching for Tigers, Sloth Bears, Leopards, One-horned Rhinos and features all day jeep safaris to get deep into Chitwan and as well as full day hikes where tiger tracking and encountering rhinos on foot is all part […]

New Trip Report: Sri Lanka

Good to see so many trip reports coming in again. Here is a new report from Romain Bocquier Sri Lanka, 2021: Romain Bocquier, 10 days & 43 species including Rusty-spotted and Fishing Cats, Sloth Bear, three civet species and much more. Jon

New Trip Report: Ethiopia

Ian Thompson had an adventure in troubled Ethiopia at the end of 2021. While he was mammalwatching, his binoculars auditioned for the starring role in the remake of The Terminal. A very entertaining report with some good mammals too. Ethiopia, 2021: Ian Thompson, 3 weeks & 61 species including Bale Monkey, Aardvark and Cheetah. Jon

Global Mammal Checklist: new update

I have just uploaded an updated global mammal checklist (here). The first update in 12 months. The checklist began life as something primarily based on the IUCN Red List. But the Red List taxonomy is sometimes quite out of date for some groups of species, so I am moved to using the American Society of Mammalogists’ (ASM)  Mammal Diversity Database (MDD) as […]

New Trip Report: Natuna Islands, Indonesia

A fascinating report from Mark Spence who went in search of the lovely looking Natuna Langur last year. Natuna Islands, 2021: Mark Spence, 1 week with mammals including Natuna Langur, Small-toothed Palm Civet, Slow Loris and a strange looking Giant Squirrel. Jon

New Podcast Episode (the Hall and Foley kids) plus “guess that mammal” competition

On New Year’s Eve 2021, Ellesmere and Sierra (Charles’s gifted children) sat down with my disappointing offspring –  Patrick and Katy – to reflect on the highs and lows of growing up in a mammalwatching world. Ellesmere reveals the real reason to visit the Louvre, and Patrick gives tips on how to stare down a Tassie Devil. Sierra has an […]

New Trip Report: Ghana

Here is a new report on Ghana. Great to see more and more people combining serious birding with serious mammaling (they also racked up over 400 bird species). Ghana, 2021: Daan Drukker, 2 weeks & 41 species including Common Cusimanse, Gambian Mongoose, Pardine Genet, Pel’s Anomalure and Patas Monkey. jon  

Podcast Episode 17 – Bob Pitman, world champion cetacean lister

The final mammalwatching podcast episode of 2021 – released just hours before the end of the year – featured the remarkable Bob Pitman, whalewatcher extraordinaire. I thought I was doing pretty well with my 50 something cetacean list. And then we talked to Bob. This man has seen 86 different whale and dolphin species in the wild…. 86!! He has […]

Wolverine killing a Reindeer – Video

Here an incredible video, northern Norway 2017: a Wolverine killing a Reindeer in blizzard.     And I spent three nights in a hide just few meters from Wolverines, armed only with a pair of binoculars! 😀  

Taxonomy news

1. A new paper argues that red mazama deer south of the Amazon should be considered a separate species Mazama rufa rather than M. americana. 2. Myotis keaysi from coastal Ecuador split (open-access) as M. moratellii. Apparently this is the species that used to roost in public bathrooms at Cerro Blanco back in 1995. No idea if they are still […]

Bobcat Update, Tucson Arizona

Sweetwater Wetlands is a small urban park off of I-10 in central Tucson. As of January 2022, four different bobcats have overlapping ranges here. Winter seems best; sighting success is between 50-75%. In summer that drops to more like 10%, though there are Arizona cotton rats then, round-tailed ground squirrels, and things like vermilion flycatchers and dragonflies. Birding is good […]

New Trip Report: Eastern Brazil

A new report of a successful trip from Cheryl Antonucci who continues to check off the world’s primates at an impressive pace. Eastern Brazil, 2021: Cheryl Antonucci, 19 days & 34 species including Black and Golden-headed Lion Tamarins, Yellow-breasted and Blond Capuchins and Uta Hick’s Bearded Sakis.   Jon  

New Trip Report: Chile

Here is Jens Bokelaar’s first report for mammalwatching. A detailed report on a long trip through Chile that has a stack of useful information and some great mammals. Chile 2020: Jens Bokelaar,  63 days & 38 species including Monito del Monte, Large Hairy Armadillo, Southern Pudu and Bennet’s Chinchilla Rat. Jon

Book Review: Marine Mammals (of southern Africa and the Southern Ocean)

Chris and Mathilde Stuart’s latest book is a pocket guide to the almost 50 species of  whales, dolphins and seals you might encounter off of southern Africa. Like all the Stuarts’ books, this one has obviously been designed and written by mammalwatcher (for those who don’t know them, the Stuarts have been involved in wildlife research and book writing for over […]

Help Identify mustelid (Central MA)

Can anyone tell me which species this is ?

Oman Trip Report, December 2021

Trip report for December 2021, Sultanate of Oman, Charles Hood and Mike Richardson, with information on Blanford’s Fox, Muscat Mouse-tailed Bat, Wolf, a short pelagic trip, and Indian Ocean Humpbacked Dolphin. As with the UAE report I posted yesterday, this opens with notes on travel in the times of covid regimes and also has hire car info, then has sites, […]

United Arab Emirates for Tahr and Gazelle, December 2021

Short update on UAE as of Dec 2021, Charles Hood and Mike Richardson, site info on Arabian Tahr and Arabian Desert Gazelle, at this link here

New Podcast Episode: Vivek Menon

The latest mammalwatching podcast is now up, in which we interview Vivek Menon founder and Executive Director of the Wildlife Trust of India. Vivek is a distinguished conservationist, scientist and author of the Field Guide to Indian Mammals (required reading for any mammalwatcher heading to the sub-continent). During more than 30 years of conservation work Vivek has had many adventures around the […]

lots of elk

Saw this on LinkedIn. That is a lot of elk!

  1. […] the new site. If you don’t remember your password then request a new one when you login at and – if the password reset email doesn’t arrive – check your spam […]

  2. […] so there are many resources to help you plan your trip: visit birding web sites and the Mammal Watching blog for help. You can even book organized birding tours with expert […]

  3. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  4. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  5. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  6. PARAIRE Philippe 2 years ago

    Hello blog,
    I wish to organize a 10-day stay in Nepal in mid-February 2020 with my family (including two of my boys aged 12 and 14). I would like to visit the Chitwan National Park first and then move towards either the Bardia Park or a trek in the Langtang Valley.
    So I have several questions: on Chitwan, do you know a good guide or good lodge to organize a stay of 3/4 days accés mainly on the mammals watching?
    On Langtang, I would like to organize a trek to try to see the red panda and the Himalayan Thar. Do you know an agency or specialized guide in Nepal to offer a trek of 3 days in this zone?
    Do you know if the Red Panda is visible in the Langtang area?
    The trip will be organized around mid-February and I do not know if the valley is passable at this time?
    If this is not the case, I will move towards a 3-day stay in Bardia Park. Here again, do you know a guide or a lodge that specializes in mammals?
    I’m a little afraid that Chitwan and Bardia are quite similar in wildlife. For that I will first of all go towards the possibility of Langtang.
    I am interested in any information.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.
    Philippe Paraire

  7. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  8. etraveller 1 year ago


    New trip report for Southern Israel – Negev desert (5 days)



  9. Manuel Ruedi 1 year ago

    Dear Mammal watchers. While doing research in NW India, Himachal Pradesh (near Solan), we came across a small, greyish mouse with an elongated face. We collected it hoping to be able to ID it, but unfortunately it proved to be an immature animal so measurements were not convincing. We barcoded this mystery rodent, but no match exist in public genetic repositories…
    I recently posted on iNaturalist pictures of that mystery mouse (, but received no suggestion.
    Would you have an idea ? I am really bad with rodent ID…

  10. Duke S. Rogers 9 months ago

    Dear Jon,

    Great website! My friend Bob Dowler told me about it. I just wanted to point out an error in the species list for Mexico. In it you have an image of “Peromyscus chrysopsis”. There is a harvest mouse species (Reithrodontomys chrysopsis), so perhaps that is what you caught?

    Keep up your good work of promoting mammal conservation!

    Take care,


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