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New Trip Report: Ecudaor

Here is another report from Ecuador – from John Rogers – covering visits in 2019 and 2020. Rio Canandé and the Andean east slope, 2019-20: John Rogers, 2 weeks or so and 16 species including Brown-headed Spider Monkey, Woolly Monkey, Black Agouti and a Water Opossum. Jon

Taxonomy news

1. A new genus and species of mole has been described from Tibet. The location is near the main road from Lhasa to Yunnan, but you need a special permit to get there. The description is not up to ICZN standards because the authors mentioned the name, Alpiscaptulus medogensis, in the abstract, which is specifically (and very inconveniently) prohibited. 2. […]

Beavers, Buntings & Cream Teas!

If anyone is interested in seeing or photographing Beavers in Devon, UK then I thought I would share my new local wildlife watching venture Devon Beaver & Wildlife Tours We are based in Budleigh Salterton, Devon and will be offering evening walks, photography and full day tours throughout May – August. An example of a report from a longer trip last year […]

Haviside’s Dolphin and Brants’ Whistling Rat at Strandfontein (South Africa)

Strandfontein is a small coastal town about 300 km (four hours drive) north of Cape Town (and not to be confused with Strandfontein of False Bay). I have friends there and when visiting (2018 Feb; 2020 Feb+Dec) I found it to be a good place to see Haviside’s Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus heavisidii) and Brants’ Whistling Rat (Parotomys brantsii). Brief report here at Paul Carter

Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera brydei) in False Bay (South Africa)

After twice seeing Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera brydei / Balaenoptera edeni brydei) in False Bay in Feb 2019 I posted (April 2019) a mammal-watching report on searching for these whales from the R44 coastal road between Gordon’s Bay and Rooiels. They are generally elusive but I have now seen them on about 15 occasions and updated the post (here at […]


I just spent a few days in the northern Adirondack Mts. of upstate New York. I was with the family, so could spend only two nights in the forest. It is normal to see hardly any mammals in boreal forests in winter, especially if you don’t have time for proper snow tracking, but I hoped that having a thermal scope […]

New Trip Report(s): Ecuador

Here’s a report from Ian Thompson covering two visits to Ecuador. Some accompanying photographs are here. Given the current uncertainties regarding travel, I’ve found it challenging to even summon up the energy to plan trips this past year. In case others might be feeing the same, I thought I would send a list of mammal sightings from a trip to Ecuador […]

New Trip Report – Zambia

Just in case you missed it a great new report from Zambia was published yesterday – I am not sure it was emailed out to everyone. jon New Trip Report: Zambia (November 2019)

New Trip Report: Zambia (November 2019)

Hey everyone! I present my first trip report (chock full of photos)- Zambia, 2019: 5 days & 38 species including all the usual suspects plus Four-toed Elephant Shrew, Meller’s Mongoose, Sharpe’s Grysbok, Sable Antelope, Fat Mouse and Large-eared Slit-faced Bat. The first of three African countries in my 33 day & ~120 species trip in 2019.      

New Trip Report: Iceland

And here is the final report from Sjef Ollers’s recent batch. Iceland, 2020: Sjef Ollers, 12 days & 7 species including Arctic Fox, American Mink, plus Minke and Humpback Whales. Jon

New Trip Report: Florida and Georgia (December 2019)

A  happy new year to mammalwatchers everywhere!  Here’s the first report of 2021 – which comes again from Sjef Ollers and has some useful information. Florida and Georgia, 2019: Sjef Ollers, a few days & 13 species including Southern Short-tailed Shrew, Bobcat, River Otter and the last few seconds of a Round-tailed Muskrat‘s life. Jon

New Trip Report: The Netherlands

I hope 2020 is finishing well and that despite everything there have been some silver linings to the past 9 months.  I’ve discovered that I love dogs and that gopher watching is even more fun than being able to press the “mute speaker” button during meetings. I sincerely hope 2021 is a better year for all of us and our […]

New Trip Report: The Azores

Here’s a nice report with great photos from Sjef Ollers who was in the Azores in September. The Azores, 2020: Sjef Ollers, 13 days & 14 species including Sei and Sperm Whales and Azorean Noctule (and a Whale Shark!). Jon

Last-minute opening for 1-3 people to join me in Kenya (Feb 4th-13th)

I’m lucky enough to be joining a fellow member on a last minute tour in Uganda later in January. Being so close to Kenya it was too tempting not to add on! I fly into Nairobi the night of February 3rd and fly out early on February 14th so the tour would be February 4th-13th. I I haven’t picked a […]

Anamalai Tiger Reserve (Valparai area), Oct 2019

Hello All, Please follow the link below for a brief report from a visit to the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, in the Western Ghats of south India, in October 2019. List of Mammals Seen: *  Jungle Striped Squirrel Funambulus tristriatus Three Striped Palm Squirrel Funambulus palmarum Indian Giant Flying Squirrel Petaurista philippensis philippensis Indian Giant Squirrel Ratufa indica maxima Common Leopard Panthera pardus Sloth Bear Melursus […]

Taxonomy news

1. Huangshan, a gorgeous sacred mountain in Anhoi Province of China, is one of the best places (and most easily accessible) in the country for small mammals (there is also an endemic musk deer). One of its attractions is that Chinese pygmy dormice, those nearly-blind, echolocating, lightning-fast arboreal rodents, are easier to see there than in any other place I […]

Mammals and people sharing the same land, South France

I have launched a web-series on the wildlife that live right around us, the species with whom we share our territories. The objective is to show that even near a big city (in this case Montpellier, South France), there is a rather surprising fauna and to illustrate from camera traps videos how we share the same territory. The idea is […]

Last-minute opening for 1 person to join me in Late Jan-Early Feb in Uganda

Hi everyone, So my Fiance is bailing out on me because of her fear of travel during corona, due to compulsory quarantine upon return… but on the bright side, she’s allowing me to go alone ;-P I’m planning on flying to Uganda in late Jan for a 14-day tour of Uganda, and I’m looking for a partner. I’ll present: 1. […]

Illustrated Checklist of Mammals 2 vol. set

Just wondering if anyone has had issues with receiving the two volume set of Illustrated Mammals of the World by Lynx Edicions.  I never had a real problem with them before, but I have supposedly been sent the volumes twice and neither time have I gotten them.  I’ve gotten other books from them on time recently, but not these.  It’s […]

Survey in the Pamir Mountains: Ovis ammon polii and Capra sibirica

A team of wildlife enthusiasts (USA, Spain and Tajikistan) conducted a field trip to the eastern Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan documenting the number of wild sheep, goats and birds on October 15-25, 2017. We managed to travel from Osh to Murghab. Around Murghab, we looked at three regions Pshart Valley, Ak-Bura Valleys, Alichor Valley, and Jarty Gumbez area (Murgab Co. […]

  1. […] the new site. If you don’t remember your password then request a new one when you login at and – if the password reset email doesn’t arrive – check your spam […]

  2. […] so there are many resources to help you plan your trip: visit birding web sites and the Mammal Watching blog for help. You can even book organized birding tours with expert […]

  3. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

  4. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  5. […] Where to See: Marbled polecats are widely distributed from eastern Europe to western China, but seem most common in the steppe and aridlands of Central Asia. But they’re not easy to find. Mammal watching master Jon Hall spotted one in Mongolia, and other enthusiasts occasionally report sightings on the Mammal Watching forum. […]

  6. PARAIRE Philippe 1 year ago

    Hello blog,
    I wish to organize a 10-day stay in Nepal in mid-February 2020 with my family (including two of my boys aged 12 and 14). I would like to visit the Chitwan National Park first and then move towards either the Bardia Park or a trek in the Langtang Valley.
    So I have several questions: on Chitwan, do you know a good guide or good lodge to organize a stay of 3/4 days accés mainly on the mammals watching?
    On Langtang, I would like to organize a trek to try to see the red panda and the Himalayan Thar. Do you know an agency or specialized guide in Nepal to offer a trek of 3 days in this zone?
    Do you know if the Red Panda is visible in the Langtang area?
    The trip will be organized around mid-February and I do not know if the valley is passable at this time?
    If this is not the case, I will move towards a 3-day stay in Bardia Park. Here again, do you know a guide or a lodge that specializes in mammals?
    I’m a little afraid that Chitwan and Bardia are quite similar in wildlife. For that I will first of all go towards the possibility of Langtang.
    I am interested in any information.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.
    Philippe Paraire

  7. […] is certainly growing – in no small part due to Jon Hall. He runs a Mammal Watching web site and blog filled with trip reports, new sightings and […]

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    etraveller 5 months ago


    New trip report for Southern Israel – Negev desert (5 days)



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