Advertising: Pangolins and more in Ghana with Royle Safaris (and Charles Foley), March 3 – 18, 2025

After a successful scouting trip to Ghana last month Royle Safaris is running a specialist mammalwatching trip to Ghana for March 2025. The two species of arboreal pangolins (white-bellied and black-bellied) are the main target, along with some other great mammals like white-thighed colobus, Low’s monkey, western tree hyrax, Gambian mongoose, common cusimanse, Pel’s anomalure and dozens more species. They will also be visiting a roost site of one of Africa’s top birds the amazing Yellow-headed picathartes too.

The trip is to be lead by Charles Foley throughout, with Martin Royle joining the trip from Mole National Park to the end of the trip and also they have hired the services of the pangolin finding expert Robert Nkator for the entire trip
(NB. Robert showed me my first pangolin back in 2007 – he is great!  Jon).

They are also offering a special post tour extension to head to the east of the Volta River for 3 nights to try and find the newly discovered Benin tree hyrax (only described in 2022) as well as mona monkeys which are only found east of the Volta.

Attached is a brochure for the trip. They are are looking at a small group ( 4-8 people)

Based on past success rates from Robert (the chief guide for the trip) they estimate around a 75% success in seeing both species of pangolin and around 90% success in seeing one of the two species!

Group tour: 3rd March – 15th March 2025
Extension: 15th March – 18th March 2025

Please contact Royle Safaris to book

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