We (Rob Jansen & Romy Jansen-Houtzager) are two enthusiastic nature lovers who travel the world together to search for stunning birds, fascinating mammals and incredible nature. Our world travel (with the title: It’s a Wild Life!) started in October 2021 in Chile, where we bought a car to drive through South-America in search of birds and mammals for about 2-3 years. During this time we also visited Peru, and of course we wrote a trip report about that:

This trip report covers the country Colombia, which we visited from end of January until the end of May 2023. We observed a total of about 1008 bird species and 62 mammal species in Colombia.

For more photo’s, trip reports or information see also:

All the best, Rob & Romy

Rob Jansen – Bird & Mammal Trip Report Colombia (Jan-May 2023)

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  • craig9563

    Thanks you for a wonderfully detailed trip report. I live in Australia, a long way from most places, but then again, we have unique fauna here. I have done a good deal of global travel to see wildlife. I hope to make it to central and South America soon. Your report is really useful. Cheers, Craig

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