IT’S A WILD LIFE! – Trip Report Thailand Jan-Feb 2024

We, Rob Jansen & Romy Jansen-Houtzager, are two enthusiastic nature lovers who travel the world together to search for stunning birds, fascinating mammals and incredible nature. Our world travel (with the title: It’s a Wild Life!) started in October 2021 in Chile, where we bought a car to drive through South-America in search of birds and mammals for about 2 years. We were privileged to end South America with a cruise to The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica! Now we made it all the way to southeast Asia, where we visit Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore for half a year.

This trip report covers our trip to Thailand. We travelled there from the 3rd of January – 18th of February 2024. For all photos of our Thailand trip, comments, compliments, and any specific questions, you can visit and/or contact us via instagram/my website or here in the website. We would love to hear from you!

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All the best, Rob & Romy

Bird & Mammal Trip Report Thailand (Jan-Feb 2024)

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  • PandaSmith

    Seriously impressive report. I have been following your reports from South America for a long time now – in fact I used them for my mega trip last summer – GOLD! And I was unaware you were in Thailand or I would have tried to meet up with you! You’ve had a very impressive trip to say the least. Well done! Where to now?

  • RobJansen

    Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure if it would add anything (as there are so many good websites available for Thailand), but hope it does:) I will hear you out about your SA trip, that sounds awesome and I saw some cool pictures on the socials.

    Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam were visited as well, and now off to Borneo (Malaysia)!

  • maurice-tijm

    Great read Rob! Very successful as always! Nice to read about places like nam nao etc.
    I went out whale watching with wild encounter in july 2016. In that time of the year edens whale is really hard (1 mother calf in two full day trips) but we saw irrawaddy dolphin on 3 occassions! Our Sun bear dip in kaeng krachan still hurts. We did see asiatic black in khao yai.
    Awesome sightings of that serow and goral rob. Really interested to see what the two of you can pull out of borneo! Enjoy!


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