New Podcast Episode: Expedition to West Papua with Carlos Bocos

Carlos and his friend Matheus (one of our chief mammal finders on the mountain), Gunung Mupi


You read the trip report, now listen to the show and watch the movie! On the latest podcast episode Charles and I are reunited with Carlos Bocos who inspired, designed and guided our hugely successful trip to West Papua in June 2023. From Long-beaked Echidnas to Long-fingered Trioks, we talk about the incredible mammalwatching on New Guinea, the extraordinary local communities who helped us along the way, and a death-defying BASE jumping Ground Cuscus.

You can download the podcast search for “mammalwatching” on most of the places you get your podcasts, or stream it here:


Here is the YouTube trailer.



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Jon Hall


  • JanEbr

    Finally got to listening to this! It’s cool to hear how much you enjoyed and all the fun animals – but honestly, your experience sounds like a complete nightmare to me. Do you think it’s possible to look for mammals in West Papua without having the entire village with you? Because I have been thinking about going there, but if this kind of mass upheaval of locals is inevitable, I’d probably re-think it …

    • Jon Hall

      At the regular tourist/birding areas you can be on your own. I don’t think you could get to – and stay in – Mupi without the help of a large entourage. And I suspect that is the case in most of the more remote and more interesting areas. Though when we were out at night we just had a couple of locals with us to help spot things.

      • JanEbr

        I think I will have to go and see 🙂 Looks quite interesting, also with birding and snorkelling. Probably only in 2025 though.

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