New Podcast Episode: Harriet Kemigisha (Harrier Tours), Uganda

The latest podcast episode is one of my favorites. Charles and I spent a fascinating hour talking with Harriet Kemigisha – founder of Harrier Tours – from her home in western Uganda.

Several mammalwatchers, including me, know Harriet after having travelled with her but I had no idea how interesting her life story is. She talks about a life that has taken her from a young village girl exploring the forest with her grandfather on hunting trips, to the founder of a successful wildlife tour company. She recounts her rediscovery of the Green-breasted Pitta in Kibale National Park when she was a ranger in 2005. And she describes how she figured out a strategy to see an African Golden Cat, one of Africa’s most secretive and sought-after animals, with the help of her grandfather’s friend Kaheru, a man she once arrested. Check out Wise Birding Holiday’s spectacular camera trap footage in the Youtube video below.


So it seems we can add Golden Cat to the growing set of mythical mammals that I thought would be impossible to plan to see. Incredible. Can someone please do the same for Bush Dogs. Please. Anybody…anybody?


Charles and I are heading to West Papua soon so it will likely be a month or more until the next episode.


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