New Podcast Episode: Sebastian Kennerknecht from Cat Expeditions

In the season finale to Season 2 of the podcast we talk to the founder of Cat Expeditions –  camera trap virtuoso and feline aficionado – Sebastian Kennerknecht from his home in California.

Sebastian explains how his passions for wildlife and photography were formed and talks about the powerful role photography can play in conservation. He shares fascinating stories that demonstrate both his dedication to – and the skills behind – camera trapping. And we hear about some of his many adventures while photographing 31 of the world’s cat species: from almost treading on a Snow Leopard in Kyrgyzstan to almost being trodden on by an elephant in Gabon!

Charles also announces the mammal behind last episode’s mystery mammal call.

S2 E23: Sebastian Kennerknecht

You can stream the podcast here or find it on your favourite podcast platform (search for ‘mammalwatching’).

The mammalwatching podcast will return in the spring of 2024. The first episode features Peter Kaestner, who just saw his record breaking 10,000th bird species.


Pallas’s Cat – or Manul – by Sebastian Kennerknecht

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