Thailand, December 2022

A trip report of a self-organized trip to Thailand. Spend 3,5 weeks driving around the country. In total 35 species of mammal were seen, including Sun Bear, 2x Leopard Cat, Banteng, Indochinese Gray Langur and Indochinese Serow.

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  • JanEbr

    This is a super useful report, because you are one of the few people who go around in a sedan (as we like to do as well) so this provides good intel of sedan-access to some less known places. Also the north, which we skipped, looks quite nice, even if there weren’t too many mammals, the birding is spectacular! Really interesting to hear that rangers in Phu Khieo were relaxed – I read some report where people have encountered really strong resistance to any spotlighting and so we tried to keep a low profile there. Maybe we could have gotten more out of it had we known that speaking to rangers was a good idea. Surprising that you spent two nights in Baan Maka and have no Slow Loris on the list – we really thought they were easy since we saw one within 15 minutes of arrival … you were there only like two weeks after us, how far could it have gone 🙂

  • Ronnie94

    Thanks! As I enjoyed reading the other reports on this site, I felt I had to return the favor and poured some time into the report.

    The northern part of Thailand was more bird oriented indeed, as seeing (large) mammals is quite difficult up there. I did spot some kind op monkey running of at Doi Lang, but they were really shy. According to a local guide there is still hunting/trapping going on there.

    The rangers at Phu Khieo were quite relaxed within certain limits off course. Spotlighting around the HQ/campsite area and a little along the road was no problem, but I doubt they would allow you to driving off in a car in the middle of the night. Talking to them and being one of the only visitors present helped I guess.

    Slow Loris seems to be my nemesis. They are supposedly easy to see at Fraser’s Hill as well, but didn’t see one during my 5 day stay there in 2020. Better luck next time!

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