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Hi:) Welcome to this week’s recap.


This week has been a good one for trip reports, but not only in the usual way. Two great guides to writing a trip report and their benefits have been posted – including a helpful and thoughtful Youtube video to go with each. One starts with the different “Trip report medals”, because I’m sure nothing motivates a good report more than the thought of receiving a Paper medal while your trip companion gets a Gold one… Preposterous!


And an actual trip report has been posted from Kenya. It’s titled “The world’s best mammalwatching”, why is why I will never be going back there. It’s a great report though (definitely shining, Non-Paper Medal worthy). It’s packed full of gorgeous photos – my personal favourite is definitely the one titled “Rear end of a Hippopotamus”. It’s by far the most artistic, and leaves you with so many profound questions: how does it really feel to be a hippo? what is the evolutionary purpose of a tail so short? and most importantly, is its name Moto Moto and does it like to move it move it? (The hippo can also be seen further on in the report, bathed in red light with a vengeful glint in its eye. I’m guessing it didn’t enjoy having its rear end photographed. I mean, would you??)


Just in case mammalwatching wasn’t a bloodthirsty enough sport, and mammalwatchers weren’t already severe enough addicts (speaking with no bias here), a mammalwatching ranking page has been added to the website! It also includes a trendy, high-tech and aesthetic Youtube tutorial, posted by super cool dad (I am being held at gunpoint right now) to show you how to use it, and upload your own lists. Do expect to receive a hand grenade in the mail within 5 business days of overtaking my dad on any of them (just speculating).


In other, less violent news, the 2nd edition of “Primates of East Africa Pocket Identification Guide” is now available online for free! It’s fully illustrated and will be a wonderful guide for all wildlife enthusiasts – from dedicated mammalwatchers to older siblings trying to understand what strange, new, crying creature has just been brought home from the hospital. 


Finally, the newest member of the Lonely Hearts club is looking to form a group of six for a prospective Snow Leopard trip to Mongolia in August 2024. The LH club seems to be growing pretty fast – soon we’ll need to create a Mammalwatching Dating site for all those whose family won’t go through another “this is the last bat cave, I promise” trip with them. 


And if you’re looking for any other trips to join, head over to the join a trip page. There’ll be a Royle Safaris trip to Qinghai, China this August (aiming for Snow Leopards), a trip Kenya the same month, a cruise of Western Svalbard in June 2024, or a Nature Travel safari around Namibia in May 2024. I’ve just remembered that not only was my (limited edition) Dora doll wrenched from my little hands forever there in 2008, but I also left my fluffy black cat cuddly toy in a lodge. So please add that to your priority mammal list if you go!


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