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Hello everyone, here is this week’s mammalwatching recap:)

This week has been a little more on the quiet side. There have been two reports from the US: this part 2 to last week’s mammals of the USA with American Pika, White-tailed Antelope Squirrel and more. The second is from Colorado, and is the author’s first ever trip report! I’m sorry for them already… It’s a great report though, with more American Pika, Wyoming Ground Squirrels and a very wistful photo of a little Yellow-bellied Marmot gazing out over the mountains as its cover. 

Next is a week-long 40 species trip to Thailand! The Sun Bear, Mountain Horseshoe Bat and the Asiatic Black Bear were some of the highlights. 

And last but not least is this trip report from West Papua, where mammal tourism in search of the Western-beaked Echidna has really picked up since Charles Foley and my dad’s epic trip last year. I wonder if anyone else has also felt its beak up their… well. 

There’s a cat-focused trip to Bolivia with Royle Safaris happening this October! They’ll be looking for Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, etc as well as Bolivian River Dolphins and primates. 

Someone is asking here how they can find a New Zealand Lesser Short-tailed Bat, and someone else is asking here where they can see Speothos (Bush Dogs).

Finally, thank you to Robyn Cornish for sharing this very entertaining video. In my dad’s words, it is a good representation of him on a zipline. I think this is a bit harsh – I’d say it’s him trying to handstand underwater and forgetting which way is up 🙂 

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Thanks for reading:) 


Cover photo: “Wandering Yellow-bellied Marmot above the Sea of Fog” – Hylobates

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