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Hello, welcome to this week’s mammalwatching recap 🙂 


First things first, a Northern Oncilla has been regularly coming to Mirador el Roble near Jardín, Colombia! This post has all the information on how you can contact the owners of the place in case this mammal is at the top of your list, and some gorgeous photos of it too. 


And there have been some more great trip reports posted this week. This one from India is full of stunning pictures of everything from a peacock’s tail to a Grey Langur’s hands, and many more that look like they belong in National Geographic. There are also lots of cool mammals, like sloth bears and several big cats. 

Keeping up with the big cat theme is this one from California and Minnesota with three (yes, three!) majestic Canadian Lynxes, fluffy paws and all, as well as a Bobcat, Pocket Gophers, squirrels, seals… you name it. 

Next is Trinidad and Tobago, including some (very cheeky-looking) Trinidad White-fronted Capuchins and Silky Anteater, and once again many stunning pictures. 

And finally, an Iberian Lynx extravaganza (it really has been a good week for cats…), a special 8 day trip just to see this mammal, with 9 total sightings, beautiful pictures and great descriptions. 


If you have any advice for seeing the Island Fox off the coast of California, feel free to share here. And sticking with the fox theme, there’s also a question on the best places to photograph urban foxes in the UK, so as to make it clear that they’re in a city, so I’m sure any advice would be appreciated. 


Lastly, a helpful trip planning template has been posted, which makes planning a mammal trip seem like fun even to me – check it out! 


If you’re looking to join a more or less intense mammalwatching trip, you can visit this page for some inspiration. I wouldn’t usually recommend it, but I fear losing my job. The newest addition is a Royle Safaris trip to Qinghai, China this August – aiming for Snow Leopards! Other examples are Kenya in August (for rare and classic African mammals), cruising Western Svalbard in June 2024 (with my dad, so hide any chocolate you bring), or a Nature Travel safari around Namibia in May 2024, a “mammalwatching nirvana” (aka mammalwatcher’s daughter hell).  


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