USA (Minnesota & California) trip report – February 2023

We went to the USA in February 2023 to visit both Minnesota and California with a focus on cats and we were spoiled with some fantastic observations of Canadian lynx and Bobcats among some other cool mammal species


USA 2023 trip report

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  • Charles Foley

    That’s a great report Samuel, and I’m so glad you saw the lynx. Seeing it on the final drive of the final day no doubt made it extra special. Plus being able to watch a mother and cubs was a treat. It can be really hit and miss seeing wildlife up in the Gunflint area. I once drove around there for 3 days and only saw one short-tailed shrew, while on another occasion I saw wolves, moose, fox and numerous snowshoe hares in a weekend. Luck of the draw I guess, but you saw the crown jewels of the place.

  • Jon Hall

    As Charles said there is nothing to beat the excitment – and sheer happiness – of a last minute sighting like that. Well done and great photos too!

  • samuelmarlin

    Thanks both for your comment. Indeed, that last minute sighting of such a iconic species has created unforgetable memories.

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