Trip Report: Sax Sim Bog, Minnesota

Hi everyone! This is my first trip report from a small trip I took to the Sax Sim Bog. I’m really excited to be posting and I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Sax Sim Bog Trip Report

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  • Warren Gilson

    Great report and photos!

  • Jon Hall

    Yes what a great first report. I must get to Sax Zim Bog – you have inspired me! Also bonus points for converting your dad and brother to the mammalwatching cause 🙂

  • Ralf Bürglin

    Thanks for a great first report with fabulous photos. Maybe look at your canid again. With the slim, pointed nose and big ears (compaired to scull) it reminds me of a coyote.

  • Charles Foley

    Wonderful to hear that you made it up to the bog. It’s an amazing place and very undervalued as a mammalwatching destination. Thanks for the well written and detailed report.

  • Moses Swanson the XVI

    Welcome to the site. Great to hear that you went to the Sax-Zim bog, seems as if you were more successful than when I went.

  • PaintedTraveler

    Great report and sounds like a great trip. The owl photo is fantastic. Have to concur with Ralf though, from the photo the canid species appears to be a coyote.

  • charleswhood

    As soon as I saw the “wolf” I immediately thought “coyote” (having seen maybe a dozen wolves and a few hundred coyotes), but didn’t post a comment at first, since I hated to rain on what is otherwise a very lovely parade. But now that others are bringing it up, I have to agree with the “doubters” on this one. In summer, Sax-Zim is a spot for yellow rails (or it used to be). And the English teacher in me would like some paragraphs, just to help readers manage the flow of language….. / In appreciation though! / Charles Hood

  • wildlife_watcher

    Sounds like a great trip. Like you I am not a birde per se, but I find owls irresistible.

  • EllenLinton

    Hi everyone! I wanted to thank you guys for all the lovely comments and I’m glad you enjoyed the report! But since the comments doubting the canid’s ID, I’ve fallen into a bit of a rabbit hole trying to decide what it is. Please understand that the photo is the best my dad could get, and doesn’t tell the full story…..this was a big animal, tall and hefty. That, plus the bushy tail took me to timber wolf, however I fully agree that the ears are wrong for a wolf, and while the snout was blockier than it appeared in the photo, it doesn’t fit perfectly either. I thought it was much too big and bushy-tailed to be a coyote, though. Having done a lot of research, I discovered that the eastern coyote or coywolf is really different to the coyotes I see regularly around home in Nevada. I think that eastern coyote would be a better fit for my canid. I’d love for y’all to let me know your thoughts on that or if I’m way off base. Thanks again!

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