Wanted: Bat researcher in Chile!

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In February and May my girlfriend will be doing deep sea marine research at the Chilean coast studying the symbiosis between deep sea sponges and bacteria. After her research we have planned to travel through Chile together with two more friends from 4th of April till +- the 25th.  We’re both from the Netherlands where we every now and then help with bat mistnetting and research. All four of us are young (24-26) biologists and naturalists and we would like to come in contact with one or more bat research groups from Chile to go bat netting and/or help them with some research. My girlfriend and I both have some experience handeling bats and both have extended rabies vaccinations including an extended titer evaluation, although we are planning on getting our antibodies checked again before our trip if we are going to handle bats.

Please let me know if you are a bat researcher in Chile or know someone that would like to tell us all about the amazing Chilean bats!


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