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I haven’t been to Cameroon yet, but I’ve included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

Lobeke NP (Cameroon) & Dzanga-Sangha (Central African Republic), 2023: Pictus Safaris, 2 weeks & 38 species including – in Cameroon – Crowned Guenon and Bongo.

Cameroon, 2013Rockjumper Tours, 3 weeks & 20+ species (on a birding trip) including Rusty-nosed RatAfrican Pygmy Squirrel and Red-flanked Duiker.

Cameroon, 2012Rockjumper Tours, 3 weeks & 38 species (on a birding trip) including Mona and Putty-nosed MonkeysRusty-nosed RatAfrican Pygmy SquirrelServalSand FoxMarsh MongooseRed-flanked Duiker and Roan.

Cameroon, 2011Rockjumper Tours, 3 weeks & 31 species (on a birding trip) including Mona and Putty-nosed MonkeysAfrican Pygmy Squirrel, Beecroft’s Anomalure, Sand FoxMarsh MongooseRed-flanked Duiker and Roan.

Cameroon, 2010Rockjumper Tours, 3 weeks & 35 species (on a birding trip) includingRed-cheeked Rope SquirrelSpot-necked Otter, Roan and Red-flanked Duiker.

The Congos, Cameroon and Gabon, 2009: Vladimir Dinets account of a week in each country. Species include: in Congo-Brazzaville – Black-legged MongooseRed-fronted Duiker; in Gabon – Northern TalapoinBlack ColobusRed River HogWhite-collared MongooseMandrill, and Cameroon – DrillAfrican Manatee and a swag of rodents, shrews and bats everywhere.

Also See

Daan Drukker’s excellent Field Guide to West African Squirrels and Anomalures, with downloadable sound recordings, March 2023

RFI on Drills in Cameroon & beyond, September, 2017

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