Cote D’Ivoire / Ivory Coast

I spent a week in Tai National Park with Charles Foley in February 2024.

Lesser Anomalure (Anomalurus pusillus)

We recorded 32 species including 9 species of primate: Campbell’s Monkey, Diana Monkey, Spot-nosed Monkey, King Colobus, Upper Guinea (Western) Red Colobus, Chimpanzee, Thomas & Demidorff’s Galagos and Western Potto.  There was also a good diversity of rodents and we saw Brush-tailed Porcupine, Nagtglas’s Dormouse, Fire-footed Rope Squirrel, Red-legged Sun Squirrel, Forest Giant Squirrel, Lord Derby’s & Lesser Anomalures along with Defua Rat, a Swamp Rat species (likely Edward’s), Wester African Wood & Soft-furred  Mice and Forest Giant Pouched Rats.

Common African Pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis)

We also found Büttikofer’s Epauletted Fruit Bat, Halcyon Horseshoe Bat and a slit-faced bat species plus we heard Hammer Bats. We saw a Water Chevrotain, Maxwell’s & Brooke’s Duikers (and our guide saw  Zebra Duiker), and we heard a Northern Bushbuck. The highlights were a fabulous and confiding White-bellied Pangolin, several Johnston’s Genets and almost being pounced on by a Liberian Mongoose!

Johnston’s Genet (Genetta johnstoni)

Community Reports

Tai National Park, 2024: Jon Hall, 1 week & 32 species including Lesser Anomalure, White-bellied Pangolin and a Liberian Mongoose. And here is Charles Foley’s entertaining story about the trip.

Pygmy Hippos in Tai Forest, 2024: Thug Hamster’s report on several Pygmy Hippo encounters during 2 weeks in Tai Forest.

Tai Forest, 2023: Royle Safaris,  2 weeks & about 30 species including Pygmy Hippo, Water Chevrotain, White-bellied Pangolin and Chimpanzee.

Tai Forest, 2022 and 2023: Ben Schweinhart’s superb report of two visits to Tai Forest featuring 46 species over 5 weeks including White-bellied Pangolin, Pohle’s Fruit Bat, Water Chevrotain, Pel’s Anomalure and Pygmy Hippo.

Tai Forest, 2022: Ian Thompson, 2 weeks & 29 species including Chimpanzee and 8 other primates, Pel’s AnomalureJohnston’s Genet plus 6 duikers species including Zebra Duiker.

Tai Forest, 2022Pictus Safaris, three weeks & 52 species including Long-eared Flying MouseChimpanzee Johnston’s GenetLiberian Mongoose, and Jentink’s Duiker.

Tai Forest Pygmy Hippo safari, 2022: Royle Safaris, 1 week & 49 species including Liberian MongooseBrush-tailed PorcupineJohnston’s GenetCommon Cusimanse and Zebra Duiker.

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