Lake Fausse Pointe, on Roy Blanchard’s tour.

I haven’t looked for mammals in Louisiana very much but I love the state. I did take a great swamp tour out of Saint Martinville (about 3 hours north of New Orleans) with Roy Blanchard, who in 2023 was 82 years old: he has lived his life in the swamps and must know them better than anyone.  He doesn’t do text or email so you would need to call him on (337) 441 9268. He’s a fascinating guy – highly recommended.

Community Reports

Peveto Woods La & Coastal Texas, 2022: Charles Hood’s notes of a a few species including Swamp Rabbit.

Louisiana, 2019: Mark Hows, 1 week & 20 species including Eastern Woodrat, Prairie Vole, Swamp Rabbit and Hoary Bat.

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