S1 Episode 1: Mac Hunter


Episode 1, May 6, 2021. We interview Professor Mac Hunter about a lifetime researching and watching mammals, and his 30 year quest to see every family of vertebrate animal. Highlights include some randy Right Whales, an invisible Aye-aye and that time he almost didn’t see a Numbat.


Mac Hunter’s trip reports include MadagascarBorneo and Nicaragua. For more information on North Atlantic Right Whales see here. Here’s a video of a Tufted Ground Squirrel. And here is an article on the reintroduction of Cheetahs to an Indian national park. This is a paper on the rediscovery of the Javan Palm Civet, though we hear the tree above the ranger station in Halimun National Park has recently fallen down. Here is Jon’s report of seeing a Solenodon. Charles saw an Aye-aye at the Palmerium Hotel, which is close to Andaside National Park not Ranomafana. Cover photo – a Numbat – by Jimmy Lamb.