S1 Episode 13: Alex Meyer & Tomer Ben-Yehuda


Charles and Jon interview Tomer Ben-Yehuda and Alex Meyer, two 30-something mammalwatching friends about their adventures and misadventures around the world. We cover the full spectrum of mammalwatching emotions: the thrill of seeing a White-bellied Pangolin in the Central African Republic; the blissful relief of a last minute Maned Wolf sighting in Brazil, and the agony of standing on top of a nest of biting ants while waiting for a porcupine to reveal itself. Plus Tomer finally reveals the shocking truth behind why he and Alex earned the nickname “The Hard Boys” in Uganda.


Tomer has a lot of trip reports on mammalwatching.com (just search for “Tomer” on the site). But here is his Uganda report and his report from the Central African Republic. And here is Jon’s account of the Snow Leopard trip he and Charles took with Tomer. Alex’s reports include Uganda in 2021, Zambia in 2019 and Kenya in 2021. Here is some more information on plans to reintroduce European Bison in Europe that Charles mentioned, and this is a report of the Sakertours Romania trip that Jon talked about. Cover art: Tomer (back) & Alex (front) in Uganda.