New Trip Report: Romania mega mammals 2021

  1. Morten Møller Hansen 1 year ago

    49 mammal species in a European country in just over a week is an amazing result. I didn’t think it would be possible to reach such high numbers in such a short time. Bravo – good work!

    • Janos Olah 1 year ago

      Hi Morten, Thanks for your note! We try our best and when we started to create/work on this tour we were dreaming of a mammal tour which is devoted to see some special mammals but also to produce the highest mammal list on a European tour! Next year we will break 50 I am sure!

  2. JanEbr 1 year ago

    The number had me with a gaping mouth – then I found out that 18 is bats, which we don’t really do that much – not that it’s less valuable, it’s just puts the number in a more sane perspective. Then the list of the remaining 31 is really interesting – besides the Romanian Hamster and the Mole Rat, there is actually nothing surprising on the list, it’s all bread and butter European mammal – the thing that sets this apart that it’s like two years’ worth of watching those mammals all compressed to a week!

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