New Trip Report: Chile

  1. Alvaro Jaramillo 3 years ago

    HI there, it is unlikely that you would see a Southern Right whale there in winter. In fact, it is unlikely in the summer!! The only whale that you can term as a regular visitor there in the Strait of Magellan is Sei Whale.

  2. Mattia from Italy 3 years ago

    From the season 2019/2020 new grotesque rules in Torres del Paine NP: people are allowed to walk on trails only with a certified guide. And you can’t even walk on the main road, just drive and stop at watchingpoints for landscape. To walk outside trails is forbidden since 2015.

    I guess next rule for season 2020/2021 will be: “If you see a Puma, you’ll be tortured and hanged in public plaza”…

  3. Lennartv 3 years ago

    That’s not accurate. I was with Janco on this trip (in 2019) and we did not have to use a certified guide, nor have I seen anyone else doing that. That was low season though, so I don’t know what the high season is like.

    • Mattia from Italy 3 years ago

      I’m sorry, but I’m just back from Torres del Paine (trip report soon), and THIS is the situation. From 1st September you need a certified guide, and there are strict closure times (the best trail for Pumas is closed at 15:00 in winter and 18:00 in summer).

  4. Lennartv 3 years ago

    Ah, my bad. I was there in June. Very weird indeed that they have these rules now. I knew you needed a guide for some hiking trails, but not for all trails. Glad I’ve already been there then.

    • Mattia from Italy 3 years ago

      You are right: the guide is not mandatory for every trail. The W circuit is still free (as far as I know), but the best trails for Pumas, located in the western part of the Park, have now this new restriction. 🙁

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