New Trip Report: Chile

  1. Alvaro Jaramillo 1 year ago

    HI there, it is unlikely that you would see a Southern Right whale there in winter. In fact, it is unlikely in the summer!! The only whale that you can term as a regular visitor there in the Strait of Magellan is Sei Whale.

  2. Profile photo of Mattia from Italy
    Mattia from Italy 1 year ago

    From the season 2019/2020 new grotesque rules in Torres del Paine NP: people are allowed to walk on trails only with a certified guide. And you can’t even walk on the main road, just drive and stop at watchingpoints for landscape. To walk outside trails is forbidden since 2015.

    I guess next rule for season 2020/2021 will be: “If you see a Puma, you’ll be tortured and hanged in public plaza”…

  3. Lennartv 12 months ago

    That’s not accurate. I was with Janco on this trip (in 2019) and we did not have to use a certified guide, nor have I seen anyone else doing that. That was low season though, so I don’t know what the high season is like.

    • Profile photo of Mattia from Italy
      Mattia from Italy 12 months ago

      I’m sorry, but I’m just back from Torres del Paine (trip report soon), and THIS is the situation. From 1st September you need a certified guide, and there are strict closure times (the best trail for Pumas is closed at 15:00 in winter and 18:00 in summer).

  4. Lennartv 12 months ago

    Ah, my bad. I was there in June. Very weird indeed that they have these rules now. I knew you needed a guide for some hiking trails, but not for all trails. Glad I’ve already been there then.

    • Profile photo of Mattia from Italy
      Mattia from Italy 12 months ago

      You are right: the guide is not mandatory for every trail. The W circuit is still free (as far as I know), but the best trails for Pumas, located in the western part of the Park, have now this new restriction. 🙁

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