New Trip Reports: Chile and Peru

A new report from Dominique Brugiere and an old one too.

Chile, 2011: Dominique Brugiere’s report of two trips, spanning 2 months plus, including Juan-Fernandez Fur Seal and Darwin’s Fox.

Chile and Peru, 2019: Dominique Brugiere, 3 days in Peru and no cats, plus 10 days in northern Chile featuring Andean Mountain Cat, Mollna’s Hog-nosed Skunk and South American Fur Seals over the border in Peru.


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  • Lennartv

    Well done on the Andean Cat! Going later in the year appears to produce better results for the cats. We spent three days around Parinacota, I was also surprised by the amount of Viscachas there. Good to know there is at least one Andean Cat around and it’s certainly more comfortable operating out of Putre than the hostel in Guallatiri!

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