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It’s been a pretty quiet week on the website. A new podcast episode has come out all about a recent Chad adventure, from the point of view of two sane people (that is so to say, two non-mammalwatchers). It’s funny and interesting, definitely worth listening to if you want to be tempted into going there. My dad even admitted that the massive flocks of birds were the most impressive part… although I’m sure he’ll deny it profusely if he’s ever asked again. 


There’s been just one trip report, from Yellowstone. It’s more than your classic trip report though – spanning 20 years, it’s a compilation of great pictures, experiences and advice from 27 visits to the park. Although not one of them is of Yogi Bear, so I must say I’m a little bit suspicious… maybe they’re trying to keep that sighting secret.  


Finally, there’s yet another new primate guide – this time for Northeast Africa! Also available to download  for free, it’s perfect for all mammalbrats like me (yes, that’s what us poor children are now called) who have been asked – no, forced –  many a time to carry their *ahem* passionate *ahem* parent’s backpack stuffed full of heavy mammal books through airport security, whilst being yelled at because you “misplaced” the other bag full of traps… 


As usual, if you’re looking for any other trips to join, head over to the join a trip page. There’ll be a trip to Sichuan province, China in August this year, a Royle Safaris trip to Qinghai, China the same month (aiming for Snow Leopards). Also a trip Kenya the same month, an Amazon tracking trip through Peru in October with Original Nature or a Nature Travel safari around Namibia in May 2024. And that’s just to name a few! 


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