The Weekly Recap

Here is this week’s recap. 

There have been only two trip reports this week. This one is a detailed account of rare primates found in Vietnam, from gibbons to langurs, as well as a couple other mammals. And this one on Panamint Kangaroo Rats in Nevada shows exactly where they were found, so could be pretty useful if anyone wants to go look for them. 

There are also a couple of mammal related queries. One about where to stay for a night between Nairobi and Samburu, especially to try to see a Maned Rat, and one on whale watching near Reykjavik, Iceland. Leave a comment if you have any tips!

Two zoologists who have spent a year wildlife watching in Paraguay are offering free advice and information about mammalwatching in the country. They seem to be full of knowledge and even I would ask for some tips if I ever went (to find out how to avoid the mammalwatching hotspots as much as possible, that is). 

Finally, if you’re looking for a cool trip to join, Royle Safaris have one last space left on a trip to Borneo in August, and a post-tour extension to the Tawau Hills.  

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