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Hi, here is this week’s recap 🙂

The first post is this trip report of an attempt to find a Mediterranean Monk Seal in Greece. Despite the elusive seal remaining unseen, the report is extremely entertaining and full of other great mammals. I actually enjoyed it so much that I felt inspired to trick my dad… My friend and I were in Croatia and sent him a (blurry, it’s true) video of what looked like a happy little seal bobbing its head up and down in the Mediterranean. Apparently, accompanying such a video with a David Attenborough style commentary about Mediterranean Monk Seals was enough to convince him, and he got very excited… That is for the 20 minutes before I admitted that it was just a mossy buoy, but conveniently not before he’d announced my incredible finding to the very person who’d been searching for the seal in Greece. Ah, revenge 😉 

The next trip report is this one from a great January Pictus Safaris tour to Senegal, with a total of 22 mammal species and 128 of bird (shameful). The highlights include the African Manatee, Guinea baboon and Red-flanked Duiker. I wish I could say I’d convinced my dad I saw a Patas Monkey in the Slovenian Alps after reading this one, but alas. Perhaps if I waited until he’d had a few beers… 

Next is this wonderful trip report from Bali and Lombok. With 19 species of mammal and 230 of fish (again, shameful) it even includes Indomalayan Pencil-tailed Tree mice, a species previously unrecorded in Lombok! 

This incredibly prolific report from Guanacaste, Costa Rica condenses 53 species in 4 nights, a ratio similar to the various types of snoring noises my dad produces. There are many cool bats, a baby Howler Monkey and a Mexican Porcupine that looks like it was left alone with several boxes of hair dye during a mid-life crisis. 

The final trip report is from Japan and full of beautiful photos of everything from Orca to a Japanese Stick Spider, as well as a Siberian Chipmunk doing a brilliant imitation of a lounging Roman Emperor reaching for grapes. I’d definitely want to be on its team during charades. 

Someone on a trip to Hungary is wondering where best to see a European Souslik and other mammals in general around Budapest. So leave a comment here if you know of any! 

Finally, some great news: African Wild Dogs have been seen in Uganda, despite being presumed extinct for the past 40 years! Even more exciting for me is that this wasn’t yet discovered when we were in Uganda, so I was actually allowed a few nights of sleep. 

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    Ha, ha! I very urgently suggest to institute a new subcategory for the NUTTER Awards: The “Katy Hall Award” for enjoying-it-so-much-that-I-felt-inspired-to-trick-my-dad …


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