The Weekly Recap

Hi, here is this week’s recap.

The first trip report is Sri Lanka, with 50 mammal species including a Blue Whale and a Pangolin. It’s very detailed and the pictures are beautiful: my favourites are the Giant Squirrel napping on a sun-soaked branch, and a pretty Golden Jackal in a field of wildflowers. 

Next is this Maldives cetacean cruise, with everything from Bottlenose Dolphins to (another!) Blue Whale and gorgeous photos from snorkelling trips. 

This report from Ladakh is a summary of 3 successful Snow Leopard trips this year (a total of 15 sightings!) as well as a lynx, Pallas Cat and more. 

This mega primate trip to Brazil contains 20 primate species in less than 4 weeks as well as adorable pictures of armadillos rolled up like eggs, a very shy-looking Bahian Hairy Dwarf Porcupine in a tree which I am in love with and several adorable sloths holding babies (or eating their placentas…). 

The final trip report is another from the trip to Sulawesi and West Papua, with as many great photos of cool mammals and almost as many complaints about the food. 

This post about the difference between Bangs’s Mountain Squirrel and the Red-tailed Squirrel might be helpful for anyone visiting Costa Rica or Panama and who, like me, is kept up at night by the fear of mixing them up. 

My dad is finally living out his influencer dreams with this review of a new thermal camera for smartphones. I must admit it’s pretty cool, although I was offended that he didn’t include the thermal images of me as a rare Concrete Jungle Monkey doing cartwheels in his post. He can’t stop talking about his next plans as an influencer, which apparently include his morning routine vlog and shopping hauls, so get ready to block him everywhere unless you want to be traumatised. I knew this mammalwatching of his had ulterior motives…

Finally, the next mammalwatching community meeting (or Mammalwatchers Anonymous for the regulars) will be on September 24 of this year, focused on conservation. So check out this post if you crave the company of fascinating zoologists, talented photographers and… enthusiasts. 

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