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Hello and welcome back to the weekly recap:) 

This week has been pretty quiet, and I think for the first time since the recaps started there haven’t been any new trip reports… Shock horror 😲 

On the other hand a new Mammalwatching Podcast episode has come out, and definitely makes up for the lack of trip reports with Prof. Joel Berger’s fascinating, hilarious and blockbuster-worthy stories (like being put on trial in the Russian arctic without knowing what he was convicted for). Despite this great potential, Hollywood still refused to lend him a polar bear suit for free… listen to the episode here to find out more. 

Someone passing through Prague in November is looking for mammal day trip/guide recommendations, so feel free to comment any ideas. All I know is that the Vltava River running through the city is completely swarming with Coypu, and not the timid kind as my friend and her plate of chips unfortunately found out.  

This book review of the new Asia’s Greatest Wildlife Sanctuaries by Fanny Lai and Bjorn Olesen makes it sound appealing even to me – so I think that’s a clear sign it’s worth a read. But don’t blame me if yourself or whoever else reading it gets irreversably sucked into the dark and twisted world of mammalwatching… 

There seems to be a new type of competition in the mammalwatching world. After last week’s post on the easiest way to mount a torch to your camera, this one claims to be a possibly even easier way. Enjoy testing them out!

Finally, a new issue of the IUCN’s African Primates journal is available online if anyone is interested. 

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Cover photo: Joel Berger

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