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Hello everyone, welcome back to the weekly recap:) It’s going to be a very short one this week as there have only been 3 posts. What is going on? Are the birdwatchers taking over? Is my dad censoring all the posts because they featured okapis? Or maybe that antimammalwatcher virus I’ve been developing has escaped the lab. Oh well. 

There have only been two trip reports posted this week. The first is a 6 kid family trip to Kenya from back in 2019. It’s a really nice read, and shows that mammalwatching can indeed be family-friendly when the parents care about their children’s happiness as much as their mammal list. Despite this drawback (as some may call it) some great species were seen like African Wildcat, Dwarf Mongoose and White Rhinoceros, and there are beautiful photos of many African safari classics: a Cheetah and her 6 cubs feeding on an Impala, a young and mother Spotted Hyena forehead to forehead and an adorable yawning Lion cub.

The next trip report is from the same author, this time from a 2008 trip to India (Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks). Another great report, it includes an incredible encounter with a tigress while on an elephant’s back and many more lovely photos!

This post gives a good guide recommendation (Gary Burns) for mammalwatching around Dubai, especially as it seems to be a popular stopover for work trips. So check him out if you are ever stopping by!

Finally, don’t forget that voting for the NUTTER awards is still open! With categories ranging from Best First Trip Report to Most Unexpected Mammal Encounter, it is a fun opportunity to reread some interesting reports.

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Thanks for reading:) 


PS: I must admit the lack of posts this week feels slightly disconcerting. What is this feeling? Sadness? No… It can’t be… What has happened to me…. 

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