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Hi, welcome back to the weekly recap! I’ve been managing the website this past week as my dad and Charles Foley have been on an adventure in Tai Forest, Côte d’Ivoire. All I’ve been told is they saw a “mega mammal”… Intriguing!

This week’s first trip report was from Parque Tepuhueico in Chile. The main goal of the trip was to find a Kodkod and it was extremely successful, with 3 different sightings and a wonderful video of an adorably fluffy one just sitting and staring. If this wasn’t enough, they also had a great sighting of a family of Southern River Otters. 

Next up is this trip to Estonia featuring some European classics like Red Squirrel, Red Fox and a Bull Moose!

This report from Algonquin Park (Ontario) includes a Fisher sighting (and dashcam failure 🙁 ), Pine Martens and Otters. It also includes a link to a great video version of the report if you would rather watch than read, or if you want to “treat” your family to a movie night.

This impressive report totals 3 trips to Ethiopia from 2021 to 2024. With absolutely stunning photography and a very aesthetically pleasing layout, it covers everything you’d need to know from maps to perfectly organised species lists. Some of the 34 mammal species seen are the Giant Mole Rat, Egyptian Mongoose and Africa Golden Wolf. 

The next few reports are all of trips taken by Greg Easton over the years. The first is this trip to Chile in 2011: Pumas, Patagonian Skunks, lots and lots of wind (no, not that kind of wind) and great pictures of an angry penguin that was definitely the inspiration for Pingu. He also discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which just happens to be a herd of Guanacos… Maybe leprechauns cater differently to mammalwatchers. 

His next report is from Kaktovik, Alaska (2019), with many brilliant pictures of Polar Bears engaged in activities from cuddling to ostentatiously yawning. I’m still not convinced they aren’t just humans in bear suits, but alas. Some other species seen were Ermine, Grizzly Bears and Caribou. 

Next up from Greg are these two 2021 South American trips, to Peru and then Bolivia. Peru’s many species include Red-faced Uakari, a mother and baby Monk Saki Monkey that look like they’ve been used to scrub a toilet  (I’m sorry, they’re cute really), a minuscule Pygmy Marmoset and some Three-toed Sloths (my favourite! And before my dad dares comment it, yes, also my spirit animal…). The trip to Bolivia has stunning pictures of Ocelot, Giant Anteater, Jaguar, Brazilian Tapir and more. Greg’s son, Nick, accompanied him and apparently “hates” birds, so I think we have a future hardcore mammalwatcher in our midst. 

This report from Yellowstone is a combination of several trips and includes over 26 mammal species: Grey Wolves, Black Bears, a wobbly-legged Bighorn lamb and a heartbreaking picture of an orphaned baby River Otter they tried to rescue 🙁 

Greg’s final report is of this 2022 trip to Alligator River, North Carolina. Other than a very… big-boned Black Bear who’d clearly been spending too much time pick-a-nicking with Yogi, he also saw White-tailed Deer, Eastern Gray Squirrels and a Red Wolf. 

If any of these reports have left you feeling inspired rather than fighting to suppress certain memories (not that I’d know), Asian Adventures are running a trip to Borneo this May. Check out the itinerary if you’re interested! 

Finally, just another reminder to vote in the NUTTER awards if you haven’t already, as voting closes tomorrow! Who wouldn’t want the eternal glory/bragging rights/mental illness diagnosis of a mammalwatching award? 

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Cover photo: Remi Pichard 

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