Long tailed Pangolin Rolled Up

Democratic Republic of Congo

I haven’t been to the DRC yet, but I’ve included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

Salonga Region, 2022: Koen Betjes’s mouthwatering report of 38 species encountered during a 2 month research stay including Bonobo, Allen’s Swamp Monkey, Giant Otter Shrew and Giant Pangolin.

Bonobos in Nkala/Mpelu Community Forest, 2022: Angiolo Laviziano’s detailed report on seeing Bonobos within 24 hours of Kinshasa.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve, 2019Mathias D’haen, 9 days & 20 species including De Brazza’s and Dent’s Monkeys, Obangui Red Colobus and Okapi tracks….

Congo, 2017: Birdquest, 2 weeks & 15 species including White-bellied Pangolin, Wolf’s Monkey, Black Mangabey and Bonobos.

Garamba National Park, 2017: Mathias D’haen’s notes from several months in the park. 51 species seen include Yellow-backed & Red-flanked Duikers, Pousargue’s & Black-legged Mongoose, Aardvark,  and Patas & De Brazza’s Monkey. There’s a lot still left to see.

Lomako, 2015: Birdquest’s epic report of a trip to see Congo Peafowl. Bycatch mammals included Bonobo, Weyns’ Duiker, Ansorge’s Cusimanse, Red River Hog, Tree Pangolin, Black Mangabey, and Wolf’s Mona Monkey. Wow.

The Congos, Cameroon and Gabon, 2009: Vladimir Dinets account of a week in each country. Species include: in Congo-Brazzaville – Black-legged Mongoose, Red-fronted Duiker; in Gabon – Northern Talapoin, Black Colobus, Red River Hog, White-collared Mongoose, Mandrill, and Cameroon – Drill, African Manatee and a swag of rodents, shrews and bats everywhere.

Also See

RFI Odzala-Kokoua NP, April 2024

A Space in the Heart of Africa, a stunning 50 minute wildlife documentary on YouTube, partially filmed in Dzanga Sangha and Epulu in the DRC. It features sone of the congo rainforest’s mega mammals including Bongo, Aquatic Genet, White-bellied Pangolin, Otter Shrew, Bates’s Pygmy Antelope and more!

Kahuzi-Biega National Park RFI, March 2021

Best places to see Bonobos, November 2015

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