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I haven’t spent much time in Virginia, but I have been to DC a few times. But until 2010 I didn’t spot any mammals other than Grey Squirrels. Unless you count the unusually smarmy DC waiters who maybe are a different species to the rest of us.

Is it just me or are all the waiters annoying in Washington DC? In New York the waiters are all wannabe actors. In DC I guess they are wannabe lobbyists which might explain why I want to whack them over the head with their entree of the day recommendation in all its over-confident and over-sold majesty. I digress.

Southern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys volans

In January 2011 I met up with John Fox who had alerted me to the chance to see Southern Flying Squirrels at the Long Branch Nature Centre in Arlington. They visit the bird feeders every evening in the winter it seems.  The centre puts on a public show every Saturday, although you can visit at any time.

John was good enough to meet me in town and drive me to the centre. The squirrels appeared on the minute John predicted they would, and hung around a couple of small trees immediately in front of the centre, going in and out of nest boxes which were at eye level. Although they refused to sit still for more than two seconds at least three animals gave good views for half an hour.

All the details you need are in John’s post below. Thanks again to him for the original information and his hospitality.

Southern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys volans


Allegheny Woodrat, Neotoma magister

In August 2019 I spent a night with Allen and Barbara Hale in Shipman, and caught the Allegheny Woodrat living under their house.

Community Reports

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Southern Flying Squirrels in Arlington, October 2010

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