The Weekly Recap

Hello, here is this week’s recap.


First of all there have been some more great trip reports. This one is a two week trip to Paraguay featuring 28 mammal species, including cute pictures of a Pampas Fox and Pilar Tuco-tuco.


This trip report of a 3 week Chad adventure is full of stunning photos and 70 impressive mammal sightings! I would make a rude joke about the picture of my dad sleeping on an office floor in a desperate hunt for AC, but to be honest I would’ve done the same. He does look like a drug dealer though.


This trip report from Turkey is possibly one of the oldest written – it’s a combined report of 35 species from 2 trips 30 years apart which is pretty cool!


There’s also this mega report from Uganda, winning the prize of the most prolific with 82 species in 27 days! My personal favourite is the very cute picture of an inquisitive gorilla.


This trip report of a Royle Safaris Bolivia tour in august of last year gives a great taste of what these trips are like if you’re wanting to join a future one.


And finally, this little report of some local wildlife from Massachusetts – with very green and elven looking photos in beautiful forests.


If you have any suggestions for where to see red wolves in the Alligator River NWR area, please share them here.


If you’re looking for trips to join, there’s a couple places on a two week Pantanal tour in October with Leo Patrial. So check it out if Giant Anteaters, Ocelots and Jaguars are on your mammal must-see list!

There’s also a Lonely Heart looking for companion to join them on a Marrick Safari in South Africa this November, for Aardvaarks, Aardwolves, Striped Polecats and much more!

And as usual, don’t forget to check out the join a trip page. There’ll be a trip to Sichuan province, China in August this year, a Royle Safaris trip to Qinghai, China the same month (aiming for Snow Leopards). Also a trip Kenya the same month, an Amazon tracking trip through Peru in October with Original Nature or a Nature Travel safari around Namibia in May 2024. And that’s just to name a few!

Today is global biodiversity day, so you should go watch a mammal! You can also check out this video from the UNDP and my dad, and this one I made about mammalwatching around the world.

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PS: I’m afraid these recaps might not be super interesting for the next few weeks because I’m currently interrailing with a friend so don’t have much time, but I promise I’ll be back on track soon!

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