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Hello, welcome to the weekly recap!

This week’s first trip report was this one from Tanzania, of a first mammalwatching expedition! Another soul gone… It does make the 31 species seen even more special though, and there are some great photos. My personal favourite is the one of very happy hippos lounging in a mud bath, but the cheetah and fluffy cub is a close second! 

Next is this report of three Cat Expeditions trips to Patagonia, on some very successful hunts for Pumas. Full of incredible (if somewhat gory) photos, the report’s cover is an amazing picture of a Guanaco’s last moments of life (or is it just my dad immersed in his daily word games while I try to get his attention?). 

This report of a Wise Birding (oxymoron?) trip to Mongolia focusing on Snow Leopards (17 hours of viewing time!) and Pallas’ Cat. Many other cool species were also seen, and the report is very detailed. 

This trip report from West Papua, “the adventure of a lifetime” according to my dad includes rarities like the Western Long-beaked Echidna, Long-fingered Triok and several mystery species. If the multiple paragraphs about how bad the food situation was seems funny to you, just know that pretty much the only message he sent me after 2 weeks of radio silence was a picture of said food accompanied by some feverish ramblings about steak and wine. I also must admit I read the parts about the mountainous hikes with a concerning amount of satisfaction, reminiscing on all the ones he’s put me through… 

Finally, this Pictus Safaris trip to Cameroon and Central African Republic ended up with 38 mammal species including two species of pangolin, Western Lowland Gorillas and much more. 

If you want to join a cool trip next year, there is a special Nature Travel Namibia excursion in May 2024 specially designed to see the amazing big and small rare mammals of the area (Elephant Shrew, Ground Pangolin, Golden Mole…).  

And if you’re wondering what to get the most passionate (I mean disturbed) member of your family for Christmas, then I have just the thing for you: a new mammal book has been released – All the Mammals of the World from Lynx Nature Books. It contains all the useful information in one place, and great illustrations in case they’re so overwhelmed by the amount of mammal they forget how to read. It would also be the perfect way to keep said family member busy for long enough to hide all their binoculars and camera lenses. Preferably in the fire. 

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