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Hello, welcome back to the weekly recap! 

This week’s first trip report is once again from Sri Lanka, and funnily enough with the same guide (Dulan of the Bird and Wildlife Team), but 2 months later. It was another very successful trip, with 46 mammal species, 156 bird species, 85 reptile species… There are great pictures of some of these: a Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Grey Slender Loris and a Leopard in despair at how to drag away its enormous dead meal, looking uncannily like my dad realising his six boxes of Australian cheesy biscuits may not actually fit into his suitcase. Also many adorable frogs and even some insect pictures that would make my brother proud! 

The next report is of last year’s Bobcats of California tour, where 12 different individuals were seen – a new record for Cat Expeditions! It’s full of stunning pictures, not only of Bobcats but also Coyote, Tule Elk, Great Horned Owls and a rare photo of me napping on the beach (very rudely captioned Elephant Seal…). 

Next is this trip to Iceland: as a non-mammal focused trip (aka any sane person’s trip), some whale-watching was still “squeezed in” (I suspect non-consensually and with an element of surprise, if my past experiences are anything to go off of). Some great species were seen like Minke Whales, White-beaked Dolphins and an incredible sighting of a pod of Orcas and Humpback Whales seen out of pure luck the next day!

This post is a video of a beautiful Clouded Leopard just wandering around seemingly unbothered in Sabah, Malaysia – an amazing sighting, and posted on Clouded Leopard day nonetheless. 

A super detailed free guide to the bats of Malaysia has been published here, complete with 2 languages, many photos, a fancy QR code system for more information and a sleek black finish that my dad’s instagram stories can only dream of. It’s the perfect tool for anyone planning on mammalwatching in Malaysia, especially so as to avoid the risk of dropping your parent’s brand new bat manual into a pile of bat poo covered animal bones. So basically to avoid the risk of being murdered. 

Finally, on the subject of bats, someone needs help with some bat IDs from Ecuador, so don’t hesitate to comment if you think you recognise any of them. 

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Katy Hall


  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    I love these recaps.

    As the author of the trip report from Iceland I’m sorry to disappoint you Kathy, the whale watching was consensual and something my partner looked very much forward to as she has always dreamed of seeing Orcas 🐋


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